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How Islamic Credit Cards Work

Want to enjoy the convenience of a credit card facility that adheres to Islamic principles of financing? Or are you looking for an alternative form of financial option? Learn how an Islamic credit card works and find the best Islamic credit card to complement your lifestyle.

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Credit Cards: Cashback vs. Rewards

What makes a credit card more rewarding? Is it getting your money back in the form of cashback or earning rewards points that you can use to redeem cash vouchers and other merchandise? Read on to find out more about how they measure up against each other.

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What Happens If You Make Late Credit Card Payments

Are you always making late payments for your credit card? You may think missing a few payments is not a big deal.

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Another Reason to Plan Your Chinese New Year 2015 Road Trip Properly: Discounts on Toll Fees!

Many will be driving to their relatives in other states for Chinese New Year. As if the thought of spending time with loved ones is not enough, here’s another good reason to hit the road on Chinese New Year – toll fee discounts! Toll road operator PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) is expecting 1.5 million vehicles […]

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5 Situations to Choose Credit Cards Over Debit Cards

You have probably received advice on choosing debit cards over credit cards when making payment. It is undeniable that debit cards allow you to plan your finances better as you are making payment out of existing balance in your account instead of buying on credit. What many people fail to understand is that, choosing between […]

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