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Do you have Debts holding you back from your Dreams?

Ever felt like you’re at some dead-end, working non-stop, paying off debts that never seem to end? You’re yearning for that sweet freedom that your peers upload daily on their Instagram Stories in Switzerland?

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5 Ways to Avoid The Dangers Of Credit Card Debt

Updated: 4th September 2018 Falling into credit card debt is dangerously easy. Especially when you don’t compare credit cards and check which ones have the lowest annual percentage rates (APR), cashback rates or even the best petrol-related promos.

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Personal Loan 102: Features & Benefits

Now that you understand the basics of how a Personal Loan works by reading our Personal Loan 101 guide, you can now move onto understanding the various types, features and benefits of a personal loan.

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Why Credit Cards Are A Type of Loan

Credit cards can be used to your advantage, provided that you use it wisely. You need to understand how a credit card works in order to get the most from it. Did you know that 47% of Gen Ys in Malaysia have high credit card debt? A report by Asian Institute of Finance also stated […]

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Ang Pow: To Save or To Spend?

It’s almost that time of the year again where the bustling streets of KL will soon be emptied out. Those ushering in the new year of the Rooster will head back to their hometown for the annual reunion dinner and to visit friends and relatives. Some, like the unmarried ones and even parents, will be […]

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Can’t Keep Up with Credit Card Debt? Take These 5 Steps Before It’s Too Late

Once Malaysians turn 18, they become prime targets for lending companies and credit card providers. The opportunity for bargains, discounts, rewards, and other attractive promotions can be very irresistible, and not everyone knows the dangers of spending too much on your credit card. Credit cards might be a great way to build a good credit […]

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