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Golongan Isi Rumah B40, M40 dan T20 di Malaysia Berdasarkan Pendapatan

Kumpulan B40, M40 dan T20 merujuk kepada klasifikasi pendapatan di Malaysia. Menurut Jabatan Statistik Malaysia (JSM), inilah definisi yang terkini.

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The T20, M40 And B40 Income Classifications in Malaysia

Updated: 7 November 2018 Malaysians are categorised into three different income groups: Top 20% (T20), Middle 40% (M40), and Bottom 40% (B40). Over the years, the bar for each group’s income level has increased and this is one of the indicators of economic growth. Here’s the latest definition for T20, M40 and B40 based on […]

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Financial Advice for Fresh Graduates in Malaysia

If you’re about to graduate or have recently graduated, first of all – congratulations! Before you begin living payslip to payslip, here is some financial advice for all fresh graduates and entry-level executives at their first job.

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6 Bantuan Kerajaan di Malaysia Yang Tidak Diketahui Ramai

Di Malaysia, selain BR1M atau Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia untuk membantu golongan yang berkelayakan, terdapat banyak subsidi dan bantuan kerajaan di Malaysia yang mungkin anda tidak ketahui.

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Personal Loan Application Guide

Personal loans in Malaysia have a wide range of uses. Whether you are starting a business, buying a car, or looking to consolidate your credit card debt, a personal loan could be just the financial product that suits your needs.

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