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9 Platform Pembayaran Digital di Malaysia Perlu Anda Tahu

Perkembangan terkini menyaksikan Malaysia bakal menuju kerarah masyarakat tanpa tunai secara menyeluruh menjelang tahun 2050. Walaupun tarik itu masih 32 tahun lagi, platform pembayaran digital di Malaysia berkembang pesat bagai cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan.

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9 Digital Payments in Malaysia That You Need To Know About

It does seem that Malaysia is moving towards becoming a cashless society by 2050. Despite being 32 years away from that year, we are already witnessing the mushrooming of digital payment platforms in Malaysia.

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Alipay: the latest e-wallet to enter Malaysia [UPDATED]

*Updated on 5th September 2017 Another cashless online payment solution in the form of Alipay has landed in our country. Find out how it works and what it can offer Malaysians in this article.

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