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How the Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum addressed my concerns!

I’ll be honest, there are two things I’ve doubted before with credit cards: auto-billing and cashback. Auto-billing scares me because it feels like I’m not in control, and cashback is… well, I’ve never really looked at it. Standard Chartered’s JustOne Platinum card, however, addressed my concerns. How?

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马来西亚似乎正在迈向2050年成为一个无现金社会 (cashless society)。尽管距离还有32年的时间,但我们已经目睹了马来西亚数字支付平台的蓬勃发展。目前,已经实行着电子钱包的国家包括新加坡,荷兰和法国。在中国和印度这些国家也更是带领着全球迈向电子交易了。

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9 Digital Payments in Malaysia That You Need To Know About

It does seem that Malaysia is moving towards becoming a cashless society by 2050. Despite being 32 years away from that year, we are already witnessing the mushrooming of digital payment platforms in Malaysia.

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Samsung Pay in Malaysia: Here’s What You Need to Know

By the end of February, Samsung Pay was launched in Malaysia, helping the nation take another step towards a cashless society and furthering mobile payment adoption.  The smartphone’s digital wallet is a mobile payment system that is integrated into selected Samsung Galaxy models.

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