Free water for B40 in Selangor only for 2019

Those living in Selangor have enjoyed lower prices for their water bills, but this will soon end in 2019. The Selangor 2019 Budget will see that only the B40 group in the state will receive free water; they must be registered under the E-Kasih programme.

Currently, every income group in Selangor enjoys a specific quantity of free water – a programme that was started in 2008 by the previous MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. Moving forward in 2019, however, the programme will be refocused to only assist the B40 income group who will benefit most from it.

The B40 group comprises of the lower-income group in Malaysia, with M40 and T20 above it.

The refocusing of the programme will save the state government RM105.2 million, which will then be used for other programmes in Selangor.

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This is a move that will affect everyone in the state of Selangor. If you are currently a resident of Selangor, do you think this will result in a significant increase in your water bills?

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The information is sourced from TheStar news.

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