21 Ways You Can Earn More Money Without Quitting Your Job: Part 1

2. 21 Ways You Can Earn More Money Without Quitting Your Job: Part 1 | CompareHero.my

Salary not enough? It’s not surprising really, with all the price hikes and subsidy cuts that seem to happen almost every month lately. Here’s when #2kerja (a.k.a hashtag 2 jobs) comes into the picture.

Don’t worry, it’s not impossible to have two jobs – or a side income – at once without neglecting your career. Having a side income will not only improve your finances and style of living, in fact if you play your cards right, you might even be able to quit your day job when your side business takes off. Here are 21 ways you can earn more money in your free time without jeopardizing your day job.

1. Become an Uber driver

Did you know that you can earn up to RM3,000 as a part-time Uber driver? (Sourced from malaysiandigest.com) Uber drivers earn from RM20/hour to RM28/hour in gross fares during peak hours. The hours are flexible, so quite frankly you can do it anytime you want as Uber gives you free reign on your work hours.

Uber drivers earn 80% of their total fares, so you decide on what you want to earn for yourself per week. All you need to do is sign up both your car (which should at least be from year 2009 and in clean and good condition) and yourself here.

2. Use your skills to freelance

Are you a good writer? Do you have a proficient grasp on multiple languages? Good at editing and proofreading? Skilled at Photoshop? Make use of your skills and use it as a platform to earn money on the side – as long as it doesn’t clash with your day job’s contract.

Get a portfolio up and go on websites such as Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork to advertise your skills and look for freelance works. You can charge a minimum of USD5 (roughly RM19) for each project that you get on Fiverr – if you can do 10 projects on the side in a week, you can earn an extra RM190/week or RM760/month.

3. Write a blog

Spread your passion to the netizens in the form of a blog and make money out of it! Niche genres such as travel, fashion, food and financial are among the popular blogs out there, and all you need to do is master the basic WordPress or Drupal to kick start your own blog.

You can write about whatever you’re passionate about, and the more relevant your content is to the masses, the easier for you to gain followers and fans. Once you have a good fan base, go on Google AdSense and start earning money by placing ads on your blog.

2. 21 Ways You Can Earn More Money Without Quitting Your Job: Part 1 | CompareHero.my

4. Be a photographer

Now is the time to make use of your long practised Instagram skills, shutterbugs. Did you know that you can sell your photos to photo-sharing websites such as iStockphoto, Fotolia and Shutterstock? (You’ll need a decent camera to get high quality pictures)

If you’re thinking of starting a side business by being a wedding or portrait photographer, you can start by building your portfolio on Flickr. Be smart about advertising yourself – start by word-of- mouth marketing among family and friends and ask around if anyone’s who is getting married need an extra photographer. If you do it well, you might even end up having your own studio in the future.

5. DIY, arts and crafts business

Great with your hands? Blessed with fine artsy sense? Why not turn your creativity into a money making side business? From tailored clothes, hand-made jewelleries to masterpiece paintings, there’s always a buyer out there who will be interested in your unique artworks if you put it on websites like Mudah.com or eBay.

You can also use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to advertise your handiworks to more prospect buyers.

6. Sell baked goods

Don’t just bake for yourself, sell your baked goods and raise some cash on the side! You’ll be surprised at how much you can earn from selling cookies and cakes and even home-made cooked foods especially when it’s near festive seasons such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali.

Use social media to market your delectable goods and once you get a good foundation set, expand your business by setting up a website – take CakeShop.com.my and Dah Makan as examples of successful home-based bakery and food service business.

21 Ways You Can Earn More Money Without Quitting Your Job: Part 1 | CompareHero.my

7. Tutor children

Sign up as a part-time tutor at websites like Gradtutors.my, TutorComp  or TuitionMall.com and earn extra cash per hour by tutoring children online, at your convenience. The rates differ based on the subject you teach, the level of your students and your qualification.

You can also offer private tutoring services or set up a tuition centre at your own home.

8. Be a personal trainer or fitness instructor

This especially goes to all the gym junkies out there. Why don’t you make money while you work out and kill two birds with one stone? You can get personal training certification from organizations like FIT and PFC Studio.

9. Make YouTube videos

Talented at making parody videos, makeup tutorials, game tutorials, song covers or even hosting your very own cook show? Cast your shyness aside and create YouTube videos and you’ll have the chance to earn USD1,000 (roughly RM4,000) per month when you hit 1 million views!

That may seem like a large number, but you don’t have to strictly have to reach that number in order to earn money on YouTube. You just have to post quality content on a regular basis, build your fan base, and start to monetize your YouTube channel by applying to be a Partner on YouTube Partner Program by clicking here.

21 Ways You Can Earn More Money Without Quitting Your Job: Part 1 | CompareHero.my

10. Join legitimate direct selling companies

Before you turn down this idea, bear in mind that sales is one of the easiest ways for you to make money in a short period of time. It’s all up to your own effort and will, really. Be sure to join legitimate and licenced direct selling companies though, brand names such as AVON, Tupperware, Herbalife and Amway are some of the direct selling companies that are known to produce successful entrepreneurs.


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