Another Reason to Plan Your Chinese New Year 2015 Road Trip Properly: Discounts on Toll Fees!

Chinese New Year 2015 Discounts on PLUS Tollroads in Malaysia

Many will be driving to their relatives in other states for Chinese New Year. As if the thought of spending time with loved ones is not enough, here’s another good reason to hit the road on Chinese New Year – toll fee discounts!

Toll road operator PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) is expecting 1.5 million vehicles per day to use the North-South Expressway during the Chinese New Year celebrations. To cope with the massive influx of vehicles on the road, the operator has come up with a scheme to encourage motorists to travel during off-peak days and to pay toll electronically.

Under the scheme, PLUS is offering a 20% toll rebate to drivers of class 1 vehicles that travel more than 100 kilometers and pay electronically. The rebate is available for those who will drive on the NSE, ELITE, and the NKVE on February 17, 18, 21, and 22.

You can refer to the info-graphic from PLUS below to plan your trip for the Chinese New Year to take advantage of the toll rebate. Remember to bring your petrol credit card along with you on the trip so that you can earn rewards whenever you fill up at your favorite gas station along the way.

PLUS Ready for Chinese New Year Influx

The rebates are not the only strategy that PLUS is employing to prepare for the expected increase in road users during the Chinese New Year 2015 exodus. The toll road operator will also open a fourth lane at important sections of the road between Shah Alam Jalan Duta-Sungai Buloh Overhead Restaurant and Nilai Utara-Serembran.

All construction on their toll roads will also be halted temporarily between 13 and 22 February to further minimize any obstruction to traffic. PLUS will also deploy 1,500 maintenance workers at rest areas and have already collaborated with various emergency rescue teams to extend assistance to motorists travelling for the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year 2015 PLUS rebates for Klang Valley

Chinese New Year 2015 PLUS rebates for Klang Valley


Travel Time Advisory for Chinese New Year 2015 Holidays from PLUS Malaysia in the South Zone


Travel Time Advisory for Chinese New Year 2015 Holidays from PLUS Malaysia in the North Zone

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