HSBC Platinum Credit Card – Now Up To 8X Points for Contactless

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You’ve seen the HSBC Platinum in its new look, but HSBC’s ‘relaunching’ the card again with more benefits. You can now get up to 8X points everywhere, not just in Mid Valley and The Gardens Mall!

Currently, the HSBC Platinum offers an excellent 8X on Rewards Points when you spend in Mid Valley or The Gardens, as well as 5X rewards points in other participating malls (capped at 10,000 additional points per month per customer).

Effective 15th July, however, the benefits will be better as the 8X points is no longer limited to two malls, but to all Contactless* purchases. On top of that, 5X points on Online Shopping spend, 5X on Groceries spend, and 5X on Overseas spend. All capped at 3,000 points per month, except Overseas Spend at 6,000 points.

What does this mean?

This update to the credit card’s benefits may actually benefit most people more than before, even with the lower points cap per transaction type. You can now reap the multipliers at just about most retailers. No longer limited to just two shopping malls for the maximum 8X, it will be easier to gain points. Online spenders and frequent travellers can benefit too, as there will be 5X reward points for their purchases, with overseas spending capped at 6,000 points per month.

If you’ve moped about the 8X points being limited to only two shopping malls and 5X points in participating malls, worry no longer effective 15th July.

*HSBC defines Contactless payments as purchases made using HSBC Credit Card via either Mastercard Tap & goTM, Visa payWave or Samsung Pay through a
contactless terminal near a point-of-sale terminal.

Source: HSBC