[EMAIL OFFER] Credit Card Promotion For CompareHero.my Subscribers

Apply for any of the participating credit cards listed in the email during the offer period and once you activate your new credit card, we’ll deliver an awesome gift for FREE!

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Participating Banks and Eligible Credit Cards

Citi Credit Cards

Apply for any Citi credit card via CompareHero.my EMAIL during the offer period and receive a Nespresso Essenza Mini (Ruby Red) + 14 Assorted Capsules upon approval and activation of your card. This promotion applies to ALL CITI CREDIT CARDS on CompareHero.my Special Offer Email (shown below). *Terms & conditions apply.

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Special Email Offer Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the CompareHero.my Email Offer work?

Interested applicants must register for a participating credit card via CompareHero’s email sent to the list of newsletter subscribers, within 48 hours from 12AM, 27 Nov 2018 to 11.59PM, 28 Nov 2018. If you register or apply by any other means (social media, main website, directly with the participating bank or any of its other agents) you WILL NOT be eligible for the Email Offer promotion.

Applicants may receive a phone call or email from our Customer Hero Center to clarify some financial information. CompareHero.my DOES NOT collect private financial documents, applicants will need to prepare them for actual application with the participating banks. Actual application of credit cards is conducted solely by the participating bank. The participating bank will approve or reject your application. If your application is approved, you must activate your new credit card as fast as possible. Only activated cards will be considered *Successful Applicants.

Calls from Customer Hero Center are made via mobile phone numbers ending with xxx-xxx0211 and emails sent could be from hello@comparehero.my or apply@comparehero.my. We contact interested applicants the following working day after a registration is submitted. Please do pick up our call or check email spam folders for our emails.

When will the bank process my application?

Participating banks will call you between 1 – 2 working days after your registration with CompareHero.my, to start your application process. The bank will require your financial documents for processing and once submitted, may take between 1 – 2 weeks for a decision to be made. Citi’s hunting line starts with 03 -2383 xxxx. If the bank does not contact within the period, please reply our email to let us know and we will gladly help follow up with the bank.

Citi will require any number of the following financial documents for credit card applications. Please prepare your documents early for faster and smother processing.

Is CompareHero.my responsible for the approval and delivery of the cards after my application?

No, CompareHero.my is NOT responsible for the approval nor the delivery of the cards. Kindly contact the issuing bank for more information.

What does it mean by “activate your card”?

Activating a credit card will require you to follow the instructions from the participating bank, but here are some common ways to do so:

  • Via SMS
  • Via bank website
  • Via bank hotline

How can I be eligible as a *Successful Applicants to receive the Email Offer gift?

You must activate your newly approved credit card to be considered a *Successful Applicant.

When will I know if I am a *Successful Applicant?

Official bank reports are issued to CompareHero.my approximately 2 weeks after a month ends (i.e. middle of the following month). CompareHero.my will then contact the *Successful Applicants according to the official bank report. We do not publish the names of the recipients as it is against PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act 2010).

As an example, if you activated your new card sometime in the month of November, we will only receive the report middle of December, and you will be contacted thereafter.

If the Email Offer gift is unavailable or out of stock, will I receive a gift that is of the same value?

Yes – you will receive a replacement gift of the same value.

How will I receive the gift?

You will receive an email from us at hello@comparehero.my requesting for your delivery details. The gifts will be sent to the address given via courier service. For interested applicants residing in East Malaysia, kindly read our Terms & Conditions if you are eligible for the Email Offer .

Is CompareHero.my a trustworthy and safe site for applying financial products such as credit cards and personal loans?

Yes, we are! We have been around for over 5 years and are part of the CompareAsiaGroup that operates in 7 different countries and is serving over 600 million customers in the region!

The issuing bank stated that I am eligible for the Email Offer gift, but CompareHero.my says that I am not, what gives?

The ultimate and final decision on the Email Offer gift eligibility comes from an official bank report, which is sent to us by the participating banks. If you were confirmed to receive the Email Offer gift by the bank and we were not given such instructions, then a case will be raised to be investigated.