What do you do if your car was hit while it was parked?


Sometimes no matter how careful of a driver you are, accidents can happen, and it may not even be your fault. For example, what do you do if your car was hit while it was parked? Here are the important steps you need to take if the unfortunate situation happens to you and how to submit an insurance claim.

Look for an eye-witness

If your car was hit when it was parked first check your vehicle for a note. Decent civilians will leave their contact details for you to follow up with them. You can then contact the person and decide on a solution which could be to settle it amicably or to claim from his or her insurance.

But if they decided to pull a hit-and-run leaving you with no contact details, you should then look for a witness. For example, if you parked in front of shops, you could ask the shopkeepers if he or she saw the events unfolding or even details of the car that hit yours. Do also take down contact information of the witness in case your insurance provider would like to contact them for investigation purposes.

If you were parked in an area with CCTV, speak to the security personnel to see if you can have a look at the CCTV footage to determine what happened, and potentially get more details. You will need details such as the licence number and model of the car involved.

Take photos

The next step is to take photos of the damage to your car, such as any dent or scratches. Do also take pictures of where your car was parked before driving away, as this may also help your case when the police or your insurance provider carry out investigations.

Make a police report

Lodge a police report at the nearest police station. This is important because you will need the police report and subsequently the investigation result from the police if you want to claim the costs from your insurance provider.

Call your insurance provider

After you have lodged a police report, contact your car insurance provider as they will be able to guide you on the next steps you will have to take. But you should only bother with this step if you have a comprehensive car insurance. We explain it in further detail under the how to make a car insurance claim section.

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How to make a car insurance claim?

If you want to claim from your car insurance provider, you will only be able to do so if you have a comprehensive car insurance policy. A comprehensive car insurance policy will allow car owners to claim not only for a third party’s physical and vehicle’s damage repair costs, but also if a damage was done by the owner. Car owners with comprehensive car insurance will also be entitled to fire and theft coverage too.

In the event your car was damaged when it was parked, and the culprit cannot be contacted, you can only make an insurance claim if you have a comprehensive car insurance. This is because only a comprehensive car insurance will allow you to make a No-Fault Own Damage claim for damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident that is not your fault.

This is especially relevant if the culprit did not leave a note and you don’t have any information on the third party that hit your car. If the third party left a note or contact details, you can then either claim from his or her insurance, or settle it amicably. Therefore, among the benefits of having a comprehensive insurance is that you will enjoy faster claims settlement service as you will be dealing directly with your insurer. Even if you were a victim of hit and run, you can still claim from your insurer without losing your No Claim Discount (NCD).

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How to Submit a No-fault Own Damage Claim

  • You need to notify your insurance agent or insurance provider immediately after noticing the damage. They will inform you what to do and which panel workshop you should send your car for repair.
  • Fill up the claim form from your insurance provider, usually available at panel workshop
  • Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) from JPJ
  • Original copy of police report
  • Original copy of investigation result by police
  • Copy of your I/C
  • Bill of the repair work, which will be provided by panel workshop

It is simpler and faster to make a claim from your own insurer because most things will be done for you by the panel workshop and the insurance company. You will just have to provide the original police report, police investigation result, and copy of your I/C

Make sure to provide the necessary documents to ensure a smooth process. If you procrastinate, it will take longer for your insurer to approve the claim, and you will have to wait longer to get your car fixed. However, the steps listed above are the general claims procedure. It is advisable for you to contact your insurance provider to get the exact procedure and steps to take when making claims as it may differ between insurance providers.

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