How These 5 Celebrities Save their Millions.

Money Saving Tips from Frugal Celebrities

Celebrities rake up a lot of money and their net worth is sometimes more than 6 digits in US dollars, but how do they spend the money they earn? How do they save money? Just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean they spend all the money they have on parties, after all! Here are some of our favorite celebs and their saving skills!

Keanu Reeves

In an interview with Hello! Magazine in 2003, Keanu Reeves said that money was the last thing he thinks about. “I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries,” he continued. And indeed, Keanu Reeves is one of those few celebrities who can be seen living simply. He even takes the subway to travel instead of driving in a luxury car!

Saving Lesson: Even if you have a lot of money, it’s best to spend less.

Kristen Bell

Did you know that Kristen Bell’s marriage to Dax Shepard only cost USD142? And that already includes the gas they needed to get to the wedding venue! Despite having a net worth of USD16 million, Kristen Bell still chooses to live simply, and low-key. She’s known for wearing a USD45 dress at an event, and using discount flyers and coupons to shop!

Saving Lesson: Being successful doesn’t mean spending everything! Stick to your old spending and saving habits, even if you’ve stumbled upon great success.


Jay Leno

When Jay Leno used to host The Tonight Show on NBC, he earned USD15 million a year. That’s a lot of money– and he puts most of it right into a savings account. Despite splurging on classic cars (he has the money for it, after all!), Jay Leno actually only ever spends money he makes on his smaller stand-up appearances. The rest of his money earned goes into his savings. Smart, right?

Saving Lesson: There’s nothing bad with saving most of the money you earn and putting it in the bank!

Tyra Banks

Top Model Tyra Banks is known to be a penny pincher, despite being worth over USD90 million. She’s known for her DIY renovation projects instead of shelling out money for professional work, and she also takes the shampoo and soap from the hotels she stays at.

Saving Lesson: If there’s a will, there’s a way, especially when it concerns spending! Why pay lots of money when you can DIY?


Zooey Deschanel

Did you know that Zooey Deschanel has three credit cards, all with zero balance? And that two of those cards have a credit limit of USD2,000, and the other one with only USD1,000? This was revealed during her divorce with Ben Gibbard, frontman of Death Cab for Cutie. Zooey Deschanel also earns USD9 million annually, but she only has a monthly budget of USD500 for eating out! How’s that for frugal?

Saving Lesson: Don’t use your credit card to spend for every little thing! And always pay your bills on time so you won’t ever have debt. Live on a budget to make spending and saving easy!