Quick & Dirty Hacks Every Malaysian Can Do to Save Money

Whether or not money is tight, constantly finding ways to cut costs is always a good idea. Generally, we always try to find ways to save money that does not involve that big of a sacrifice. That is what “lifehacking” is all about: finding practical ways to get what we want in a creative, efficient, and at times, amusing manner. So, if you are looking to go and save more than a few ringgits without really bending over backwards in budget adjustments, we have a few ideas that may help:

Gather up the freebies.

In order for you to minimise spending, then you may want to explore everything and anything you can get for free. If you have credit card rewards points due for redemption, or coupons you have been saving up, then it will be a good time to break them out and use them. These things exist for a reason, and not taking full advantage of these items is just impractical.

DIY all the way.

If there are certain repairs or activities you normally hire a professional to do, then maybe it is time for you to explore the possibilities of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solutions. House repairs, in particular, take a lot of money, so if there are instances in your home that you may need to fix, then do these repairs yourself. You will be surprised at the amount of instructional pages and videos that can be found on the Internet. Read up, watch all the videos that you can, and learn how to fix the problem yourself. It is practical, fun, and you are going to pick up more than a few new skills. Just make sure you mind all the necessary safety precautions, though. Going about things carelessly often leads to more expenses than you may have expected.

Sharing is caring (and cost effective).

You can save a lot of money simply by sharing expenses with friends. Carpooling is one obvious way of doing so. By taking just one car to work, you and your friends can save a lot on gas money. Plus, this is good for the environment as well. Getting roommates will significantly cut down on your rent. Or, it can be as simple as when you are eating at your favorite fast food joint, instead of each ordering a small drink, you can go big and share. Do the same thing with movies. A big tub of popcorn is cheaper than a bunch of smaller ones. Find out which aspects of your life you can share expenses with the people around you and you not only save money, but so does everyone else.

Make your own meals.packed-lunch

Avoid eating out every day and pack your own. Spending on groceries that will last a couple of weeks will cost as much as dining out three or four times. This is the more economical option of doing things. Plus, by packing your own lunch, you are always sure to like whatever you will have, and if you are particularly mindful about it, you can also go for healthier options.

Saving money on day-to-day expenses need not be a huge sacrifice as there are always ways to cut costs. Most of the advice given above merely requires slight adjustments, but if you add up the savings over time, you will see that you have managed to pocket a very sizeable savings simply by doing things a little different than you normally will. That is what lifehacking is, people. Follow these tips, and congratulations. You just beat the system.

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