Suicide is not the only option

There are times when life just gets us down. We can be indebted and be struggling to make ends meet, but there are several different ways to get out of that rut – suicide, however, is not a method. A family of three in Perlis, tragically, took that path.

Three family members in Perlis committed suicide on the 18th of October. Police reported that the bodies of the 66-year old father, 64-year old mother, and their 35-year old daughter were found in the Kampung Belat Batu River in Perlis.

The incident was discovered when the eldest son of the family was found alive. The family had planned to consume poison and then jump into the river. The son, however, chose not to do so at the last minute. Further police reports indicated that the motive behind the suicides were debts and high cost of living.

If you are feeling depressed, troubled, or need to speak with someone, you can always speak to the Befrienders Malaysia:

  • Befrienders Malacca: 06- 284 2500
  • Befrienders Penang: 04- 281 5161/281 1108
  • Befrienders Kuala Lumpur: 03- 7956 8144/7956 8145
  • Befrienders Ipoh: 05- 547 7933/547 7599
  • Befrienders Seremban: 06- 765 3588/765 3589

Or you can speak to the Lifeline Association of Malaysia: 03- 4265 7995

If you are finding it difficult to handle your finances and debts, you can always seek out Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) to engage with their free services to help you:
03- 2616 7766

Always remember: There are other options out there, suicide is not one.

News source: TheStar Online