Timeline of Personal Loan Process [INFOGRAPHIC]

You’ve heard of fast loans, but just how fast is the fast in fast loans? Let’s find out with this handy infographic that traces the steps from comparing personal loans on CompareHero.My all the way to disbursement. Find out how fast each process takes and be amazed out how efficient banks handle the whole process.

Aside from learning just how fast the loans are, you also get to find out which documents you need to be ready with so that you can make the application process. Ready to start applying for personal loans?

infographic: fast loan Malaysia timeline

Tips for fast loan processing

  • Be ready with your requirements
  • Documents required include copy of MyKad, latest payslips, EPF statement, and details of your disbursement account.
  • You have to be at least 18 years old.
  • You have to be a Malaysian citizen or a permanent resident
  • Not all banks disburse loans as quickly as an hour. Take not of the process before you choose the loan.
  • Getting a personal loan from a bank you have a relationship with can also speed up the process.

See just how fast the process is? Apply for a personal loan on CompareHero.My today!

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