An Overview of Feng Shui Costs in Malaysia

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We’re a little over a week away from the new Chinese New Year. Many are frantically reading up on their Chinese horoscopes for the year ahead, hoping for some indication for a better year and what is in store for them in their Health, Wealth, Love Life, and Career.

This is also the time when many all around the world are considering to hire feng shui consultants to help them achieve positive energy flow into their lives, homes, and even their offices. With the Year of the Rooster being touted as a rough year due to its angry and agitated nature, it is no wonder many Malaysians would be seeking to make amendments in their feng shui to counter any bad or negative energy.

The Different Types of Feng Shui You Can Enlist

How much does good fortune (or the possibility of it) actually cost? Some may argue that it isn’t worth investing much into, because, after all, the evidence isn’t conclusive enough. While other firm believers are willing to invest thousands of Ringgit to take precautionary measures.

No matter your belief, here are some feng shui options for various budget types.

RM3 upwards

  1. Calligraphy

Calligraphy doesn’t cost you much, in fact, you can have auspicious Chinese characters drawn out for as little as RM3 to RM5. The larger the calligraphy and the more complex the characters, the higher the price that it can fetch. Some famous calligraphers in Malaysia include Dennis Lim or Tony Yong who you can find in front of an interior décor shop on Jalan Sultan.

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  1. Feng shui books

If you’re a reader, why not expand your knowledge and invest in a few staple feng shui books. Though it wouldn’t be the same as enlisting the help of an expert, these books are written by the experts and would be able to shed some light on the craft. Who knows, you might even be able to read your own feng shui energies by the time you get through them. That’s what we’d like to call a long-term investment. Lillian Too books can retail from RM19.80, which are usually the books she publishes on readings for each Chinese horoscope.

RM50 upwards

  1. Auspicious banners

A banner heralding messages of prosperity and good ‘ong’ may be just what you need or prefer. These can go for around RM70 to RM100. A little more expensive than calligraphy but this might be a little more substantial and fulfilling to have displayed in your home. Similarly, the longer your messages, the higher the price. Some could go for as high as RM5,000 almost!

  1. Feng shui retailers

Walk into a feng shui store and you’ll be dazzled by the ornaments and bronze or brass figurines that you can have on your table tops. You can even find amulets, wind chimes, crystals, pagodas, laughing Buddha statues. All these items are said to help improve your lives by bringing good luck and fortune into your home and workplace. These can range anywhere from a few hundreds to thousands, depending on the type and make of the ornament you choose. According to The Star article, a large heavy bronze model of a dragon tortoise can go for as much as RM2,998 but you can also buy a ru yi sceptre for your desk at RM50.

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RM800 upwards

  1. Consultants

Here’s the service that is most sought after but of course, is also the most expensive of the pie. Consultants come equipped with years of training and the ability to read positive or negative energies depending on various factors which only a sifu would be able to understand. Malaysia boasts a few internationally acclaimed feng shui masters including Master Wong Keong Meng, who is also the President of the International Feng Shui Association.

Master Wong is specifically the most expensive feng shui consultant in Malaysia with over 25 years’ experience under his belt. He often consults clients during the build-up or construction phase of development, and has worked on projects ranging from RM10,000 to RM68,00 and more!

Alan Chong however, can provide consulting services at a more palatable fee of RM880. If you’re thinking of applying for a personal loan to help you finance your home renovations or refurbishment to make it more feng shui friendly, use our free comparison tool to help you find the best loan for your needs.

We recommend evaluating your own budget, the size of your home or workplace, and assessing if you can afford to hire a feng shui consultant to do a reading of your location and energies. Bear in mind that this is an annual exercise, so consider if the return on your investment from this exercise is worth the annual expense.

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