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Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum

Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum

RM 2,000

Minimum monthly income

RM 0

Annual fee


Interest rate p.a


Balance transfer rate (fixed)

Product details

Up to 8% Cashback for Groceries, Pharmacy & Online Spends
Unlimited 10% Interest Rebate
AMAZING 30 Campaign: Get AMAZING deals on your essentials Everyday
ASEAN Duty Free Campaign: 10% Cashback from selected duty-free outlets
Travel Insurance coverage up to RM500,000 p.a.
Minimum monthly incomeRM 2,000
Minimum age:
Supplementary Cardholder18
Fees & Charges
Annual fee RM 0
Free For Life (with no conditions)
Annual fee waiver No
Interest rate 15%
Balance transfer rate (fixed) 4.88%
4.88% rate for 12 months Balance Transfer repayment period
Document required to apply

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A cash rebate and cashback credit card that rewards you back for all your important monthly transactions! With a low minimum income requirement, anyone of all income groups is able to afford this credit card and find it useful in the long run.

Enjoy up to 8% cash rebates for all your online transactions

Whether you swipe your Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum on groceries, pharmacies or online transactions, you’ll receive up to an 8% cash rebate right away. However, it depends on how big your spendings is. Find the table below for the exact cash rebate you’ll receive based on different spending amount:

Total Spending Amount (Monthly) Cash RebateMaximum Cap (Monthly) Based On Each Category

RM1,500 and above



RM500 to RM1499.99



RM0 to RM499.99



Make use of the unlimited 10% interest rebate

If you happen to spend a minimum of RM500 a month for your retail purchases, you could earn a 10% interest rebate, which is also unlimited, on your finance charges based on the overdue balance of your Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum.

Receive 30% cashback for your petrol

Do you drive often? The overall cost of having to pay for your petrol every month could be pretty steep. Thankfully, the Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum offers 30% cashback when you pump your petrol at petrol stations nationwide. As long as your spendings are at least RM3,000 a month, you’ll be entitled to receive the cashback.

Be protected during your travel trips

The worst thing that can happen is when something happens overseas and you’re unable to pay for it. With the Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum, you are able to travel along with your family members without having to worry about insufficient funds to cover for personal accidents as it comes with travel insurance coverage for up to RM1,000,000. You just need to pay all your flight tickets with your Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum credit card.


To apply for this credit card, you’ll have to fill up our online form which can be completed within two easy steps. Once you’ve submitted your online application, we will process it from there. You could also contact our customer service at +6012-385 0211 if you have any questions or enquiries. 

You have to be earning a minimum monthly income of RM2,000 a month before applying for this credit card. Aside from that, your age has to be at least 21 years old for the primary card and 18 years old for the supplementary card. 

There is no annual fee that will be charged to all primary and the first 3 supplementary cards. The 4th supplementary card onwards, there will be an annual fee of RM188. 

There is a monthly minimum payment of 5% of the overdue amount or RM50, depending on which is higher. A late payment fee will also be imposed, which is 1% of the overdue amount or RM10. If you withdraw cash from your Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum credit card, there is a fee of 5% of the cash withdrawn amount or RM50.

  • Gain 8% cash rebate for online shopping, groceries and pharmacies 
  • Gain 30% cashback for your petrol transactions
  • Gain unlimited 10% cash rebate on your finance charges
  • Receive up to RM1 million travel insurance coverage for you and your family
  • No annual fees 

Pretty much anyone who loves cash rebates and who earns a decent income would find the Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum beneficial to their everyday lifestyle. 

Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum
Ambank Cash Rebate Visa Platinum
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