6 Common Mistakes First-Time Credit Card Users Make

Fatin Haris

Fatin Haris

Last updated 25 August, 2023


Congratulations on your first credit card! They can be super handy if you use them right, but a bit tricky if you don't. Here are 6 common mistakes that first-time credit card users often make, and we're here to help you steer clear of them.

Mistake #1: Skipping the Fine Print

When you get a credit card, you're agreeing to a bunch of rules in the credit card agreement. This includes stuff like:

  • What services you can use, like balance transfers and cash advances
  • How much interest and fees you might have to pay
  • How to use your card in another country
  • What the credit card company can change in your account
  • What to do if you lose your card
  • How they figure out the smallest amount you have to pay.

Yeah, it's a lot! But taking 10 minutes to read this can save you trouble later. If something's not clear, ask your card company.

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Mistake #2: Picking the Wrong Card

Not all credit cards are the same. If you're not thinking about things like where you shop, how much you spend, and the fees and interest rates, you're in for a tough time. There are cards out there that match your spending style. Don't miss this guide on finding the right one, here


Mistake #3: Missing Out on Goodies

If you don't choose the right card, you might miss out on the cool stuff it offers. Maybe discounts, rewards, or other perks. Keep an eye on promotions your card has – they could save you some cash.


Mistake #4: Spending Too Much

Credit cards aren't magic wands for free stuff. You have to pay back every cent you use. If you max out your card, your credit score could get hurt. That's like your money reputation, and a low score can make getting loans tough.

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Mistake #5: Going Minimum

Paying just the minimum amount isn't a great idea. It means you'll pay extra in interest and take longer to clear your balance. Be on time and pay the full amount, or you might end up owing more than you spent.


Mistake #6: Skipping the Bill Check

Always look at your monthly credit card statement. Make sure everything is right and that you actually made those charges. It's a quick way to catch any mistakes and keep your money safe.

Credit cards are powerful tools. If you use them smartly, they can be a big help. But if you overspend, ignore the rules, or miss payments, they can get you into trouble. Remember, knowledge is your best tool. So, if you're considering getting a credit card, do your research, weigh the pros and cons, and use it wisely!





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