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Updated on 12th March 2018

Calling all movie fanatics! You should already know by now that 2017 is going to be the glorious year for the ‘Supermovies’. We believe that everyone wants to be the first to watch the much-anticipated blockbuster films. However, purchasing a single premier ticket is already costly let alone tons of them.

Or better yet, what if we told you that there’s a smarter way to manage your expenses AND enjoy entertainment privileges with credit cards?

Utilise the benefits of these powerful pieces of plastic to keep your movies budget to the minimum while still indulging in your favourite shows like a boss!

It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of the Malaysian credit cards, but it doesn’t take a financial expert to point out which one offers the best value in terms of entertainment, or movie tickets in particular.

Here are the top credit cards with excellent entertainment deals in Malaysia, categorized based on specific cinemas’ exclusive promotions:

Best Credit Cards For Golden Screen Cinemas

Hong Leong GSC Gold Card

hongleonggscgoldvisa 10% GSC Cashback for tickets priced RM10 and above cta-apply-now

This is a must-have for frequent movie-goers, no doubt. You can expect a huge amount of savings of 10% on normal movie tickets with either the GSC Hong Leong Gold or Platinum Card.

Other benefits:

  • Priority ticketing lane
  • 10% discount on refreshments (purchase via concessionaries counters)
  • 5% discount for dining-in at GSC’s F&B outlets.

Furthermore, upon approval, new GSC-Hong Leong credit card owners are entitled to the following offers:

  • 1 x FREE movie ticket
  • 1 x Small popcorn combo
  • 1 x 50% off voucher on F&B
  • 5 x Buy-1 Free-1 International Screens Movie Tickets
  • 10% discounts for refreshment purchases over the counters in all GSC cinemas, valid during the first 3 months

Special feature: Bonus Value Privilege

New GSC-Hong Leong Platinum and Gold card holders will be rewarded with RM100 and RM60 worth of Bonus Value respectively. This amount can be used to settle 50% of a movie ticket cost, and the balance after the first transaction can be carried forward.

On top of all the mentioned exclusive benefits for GSC customers, this card also holds similar benefits as Hong Leong’s other credit cards including: Complimentary Travel Insurance and Travel Inconvenience Coverage.


Requirement for hong leong gsc cards

Best Credit Cards For TGV Cinemas

Maybank 2 Card

maybankardgoldmastercard 5X TreatsPoints for all spend on American Express Reserve card, locally and overseas cta-apply-now

Boasting not only entertainment feature, the Maybank 2 Card also comes with unbeatable offers for any regular consumer. With Maybank2 American Express Card and Maybank2 MasterCard in a single approval, you can enjoy both TreatPoints and Cashback benefits as stated below:

  • 5% cashback for dining and 5x TreatPoints for local and overseas spent using Maybank2 American Express Card
  • 1x TreatPoints for all spending with Maybank2 MasterCard or Visa Card


  • Monthly Income: RM 2500
  • Annual Fee: No Annual Fee

Hong Leong Mach Credit Card

hongleongmachvisa Get 10% savings for movies tickets cta-apply-now

Even though one size does not fit all, there’s an exception – the Mach Credit Card by Hong Leong.

This simple piece of plastic offers unbeatable flexibility of cashbask categories, which you can choose based on your spending priorities as shown below:

Mach card

With a bargain at 10% savings for movies tickets EVERY DAY, and for all cinemas, Mach is inarguably every movie fan’s best financial buddy.


  • Monthly Income: RM 3000
  • Annual Fees: No annual fees (with minimum 12 swipes p.a)

Citi Clear Visa Card

citiclearvisa 3X Citi Rewards Points at Borders, Sakae Sushi, GAP, Topman, G2000, Topshop, La Senza, Vincci, Zouk Club & many more cta-apply-now

Specially designed for the T.G.I.F spirited folks, the Citi Clear Visa Card allows you and your companion to enjoy a Friday movie together at the price of 1 ticket, applied for both GSC and TGV.

Other benefits:

  • Buy 1 free 1 at all The Coffee Bean outlets during weekdays
  • Earn 3x Citi Rewards points at many popular hangout destinations, including Zouk Club KL, Borders and Sakae Sushi among others


  • Monthly Income: RM 2000
  • Annual Fees: RM 95.40 (Free waiver for the 1st year with minimum of 3 swipes within the first 60 days upon approval)

When choosing the best credit card, it is important to reflect on your personal spending habits and evaluate the actual value that you can get out of the card. In that sense, the above options match perfectly with many frequent movie-goers, regardless of financial background.

Also, if you are a credit cardholder, be sure to prioritise your spending based on the features of a particular card in order to utilize its function more effectively.

Not convincing enough? Here’s a real example of the amount of money saved when you utilize your credit card for movie tickets. We choose to use the GSC Hong Leong credit card in this example.

movies 2017

Based on the schedule of the upcoming blockbuster films, that’s at least 10 tickets for the year 2017 (not to mention other non-superhero movies).

Normal Ticket Price x2 Adult Tickets Amount spent on 10 Movies
RM 12 RM 24 RM 240
With 10% discount from GSC Hong Leong x2 Adult Tickets Amount spent on 10 Movies
RM 10.80 RM 21.60 RM 216
Popcorn Combo 1 Normal Price Amount spent for 10 Movies
RM 8.80 RM 80
With 10% discount from GSC Hong Leong Amount spent for 10 Movies
RM 7.90 RM 79
  • Total amount spent normally: RM 320
  • Total amount spent with GSC Hong Leong card: RM 295

That’s RM 125 saving in total!

For first-time purchase using the GSC Hong Leong platinum card:

Transaction Bonus Value Balance 2x adult tickets Amount after 1st discount of 10% Amount  after 2nd discount of 50% for 1 ticket

Last Bonus Value Balance



1st RM 100 RM 22 RM 19.80 RM 16.5 RM 83.50
2nd RM 83.50 RM 22 RM 19.80 RM 63.70

So for the first 6 months upon approval, you can enjoy RM 100 worth of movie tickets!

Every ringgit that you save on a single movie ticket can add up to quite of a healthy amount at the end of the year. Hence, always take advantage of your cards whenever you make purchases at the cinemas.




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