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Credit Card FAQs

An air miles credit card is designed to allow you to earn air miles every time you spend. These cards give you access to a loyalty program offered by airlines. Typically, you accumulate a set amount of miles based on how much you spend on your credit card. You can then use these miles to redeem flights or other benefits such as VIP airport lounge access, hotel discounts, and other freebies.
Air miles credit card converts every RM that you spend into air miles. You also earn a different rate of air miles when you spend locally and overseas. These air miles can later be converted into a frequent flyer programme to redeem a flight ticket or other benefits. The amount of air miles you get depends on the conversion rate of the particular credit card. Some credit cards are affiliated with various airline operator rewards programmes including AirAsia BIG, Enrich and WorldMiles, while some cards are designed for a specific airline such as the AirAsia-Citi credit cards that only allow you to earn AirAsia BIG points.
When you've earned enough air miles, you can exchange them for privileges such as air tickets and travel accommodations. Each bank has its own procedure for redeeming points, and the number of miles accumulated does not always translate to the number of miles you can travel. For example, the AirAsia-Citi Visa Credit Card lets you earn 2X AirAsia points for every ringgit you spend, which you can then use to redeem BIG Points to get complimentary flights. Sounds good, right? However, you will have to consider the fact that you must spend more than RM2,500 a month to qualify for the 2x AirAsia points.
Some credit cards with the best air mile features include AirAsia-Citi card, Standard Chartered WorldMiles World Mastercard, Citi PremierMiles Visa Signature, Alliance Bank Visa Infinite, and HSBC Visa Signature to name a few. However, this will depend on factors such as your usage, income levels, and travel style. Use our free comparison tool to help you find the best air miles credit card to suit your needs.
To find the best air miles credit card, you'll need to understand your needs. Get one that suits your budget; choose the card that allows you to redeem flights with the airline of your preference; consider the conversion rate for every air mile on local and overseas spend; look at the added benefits including access to airport lounges, travel insurance, and priority check-in to name a few; and keep in mind the expiry date of your air miles. We suggest using our free comparison tool to find the best air miles credit card to suit your needs.

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