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Credit Card FAQs

Air miles cards are specifically created for the frequent flyer. These type of credit cards give you air mile with every RM1 you spend in your home country or abroad. Your spending does not have to be related to travel, normal spending such as the money you spend on retail, online shopping and restaurants works fine as long as you use your air miles card. When you have collected enough miles, you can use them to redeem tickets from the card?s partner airline, or can use them to upgrade your ticket to business class.
When you use an Air Miles card, you collect air miles each time you use your card. Once you have accumulated enough points (or miles), you can pick from a wide selection of bonuses like free upgrades to first or business class, VIP lounge access, and plane tickets to a destination of your choosing.
Every bank usually has its own unique way in which they handle the points that you?ve collected. When you redeem your points, remember that the number of air miles you collected does not necessarily match the number of miles that you are allowed to travel. For example, a plane ticket on the same plane could require different amounts of air miles, depending on the class.

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