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Malaysia's go-to personal finance platform.

CompareHero is Malaysia’s go-to personal finance platform, empowering over 11 million Malaysians in the past 9 years, build healthier financial lives. We provide a free, independent and convenient online comparison tool for finding, comparing and applying credit cards and personal loans. To raise the level of financial literacy in the country, we connect relevant and timely content to the needs, life stage and risk profile of all Malaysians. We constantly work with major banks, financial institutions and government agencies to make personal finance informative and accessible to everyone.

Empower your financial life.

CompareHero aims to empower the Malaysian people by providing all the information they need regarding important purchase decisions on financial products and services. We believe in empowering Malaysia consumers to make better-informed decisions and to improve their financial standing.

CompareHero mission is to help Malaysia save time and money by providing a free, independent and easy way to compare a wide range of financial products and services online.

CompareHero gives you quick and easy access to resources that help you understand various financial products in the Malaysia market. In addition to the detailed and customizable comparison results, you can get access to resourceful guides, frequently asked questions and topical articles exploring new ways to save money in The Malaysia. strives to provide impartial information so that you can choose a product that truly matches your individual needs.

CompareHero is part of MoneyHero Group that operates online comparison platforms for financial, telco and utility products across Asia.

CompareHero is part of MoneyHero Group that operates an ecosystem of digital finance companies that exist to bridge the gap between people and finance.

MoneyHero Group (formerly known as Hyphen Group or CompareAsia Group) is a market leading personal finance aggregation and comparison company in Greater Southeast Asia, reaching over 9.8 million consumers per month and with more than 270 commercial partner relationships across five markets including Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Founded in 2014 and dual-headquartered in Hong Kong and Singapore, MoneyHero Group is a portfolio of digital financial services companies that empowers people to build healthier financial lives through easy online comparison and education tools (MoneyHero, CompareHero, Moneymax, SingSaver, Money101, and Seedly) and accelerates the digitization of the financial industry (Creatory). Creatory was launched in 2019 and is a SaaS provider connecting financial institutions with their digital partners and affiliates, supporting over 200 integrations through its partnership network.

Learn more about how MoneyHero Group connects technologies, empowers people and transforms finance at

CompareHero is Malaysia' most comprehensive online platform for comparing financial services. We aim to consistently find the best car insurance, credit cards, or loans.

We continuously roll out more products and services to compare in order to expand the free comparison service that we offer, while continuously strive towards improving the current products and services being compared.

We dedicate our service to help you save time and money by being better informed about their financial choices and expenditures. To the end, we also offer a wealth of resources such as guides and FAQs to complement our free comparison service, along with relevant blog postings and news articles.

CompareHero is Malaysia' most comprehensive online platform for comparing financial and telecommunication products. We aim to consistently find the best credit cards, broadband plans, loans.

Welcome to CompareHero’s press suite.

As the product comparison aggregate leader in Malaysia, we are most happy to provide analysis, native date points, commissioned editorials and thought leadership opinions on top of our weekly news announcements and press releases.

For more information or to arrange for an interview with any of our executive spokespersons or thought leaders, please reach out to our PR team.

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CompareHero is Malaysia leading comparison search engine for financial, insurance and telco products and we are looking for ambitious and dynamic candidates who enjoy working in a fast-paced and vibrant environment.

We strive to help you live a Healthy Financial Life. Our goal at is to help consumers save time and money by providing a transparent and user-friendly free comparison platform.

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Founded in 2014

We dedicate our service to help you save time and money by being better informed about their financial choices and expenditures.

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Customer satisfaction is key to us. We constantly get excellent reviews from our customers, and thrive to continue serving them year after year.

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