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Credit Card FAQs

An annual fee is a maintenance fee that is charged by the credit card provider. The actual fee will depend on the bank and may differ depending on the tier of the credit card. Some may cards may offer a zero annual fee, while the more premium credit cards will require an annual fee of over RM1,000.
A No Annual Fee credit card is exempt from being charged your usual annual fee, but be sure to read the fine print to see how long the offer is valid for and if there are any terms to this. A no annual fee credit card will results in savings as you are not required to pay this fee. On top of that, you will still enjoy its many features and benefits which may include cashback, rewards, or air miles.
Many credit cards now offer no annual fee for life! Make sure you read the fine print carefully though, as there might be some strings attached: some might just be free for one year, and some may require you to spend a minimum amount per year before you are able to qualify for the RM0 annual fee.
Some of the best credit cards out there have annual fees, but this doesn't mean that the ones are no good. No Annual Fee Credit Cards may still offer generous rewards or cashback and with low rates. Imagine a card with 3% cashback rebate, but with RM1,000 annual fee, you will need to spend more in order to cover the cost, but with a No Annual Fee Credit Card, you enjoy the benefits right away! Of course, most of you would prefer a card that does them all, but depending on your credit rating, this card does exist in the market. This is why you should always compare the market and get the best out of it.
To find the best No Annual Fee credit card for you, we recommend using our free comparison tool to find the card that best suits your needs. Some of the good ones including Alliance Bank You:nique which also comes with a lower interest rate of 9%. or the Standard Chartered Visa Platinum card. Be sure to review factors like interest rate, value-added benefits and do ensure you meet the minimum requirements to be approved for the credit card.

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