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Last updated 21 February, 2022


Have you been working a few years and feel it’s time to up your career game? Is an MBA what you’ve been thinking of doing? There are many advantages of doing an MBA – from building invaluable networking opportunities to improving your chances for career advancement.

Top reasons why people do an MBA

  • For career advancement
  • For a change in career
  • To meet new people and build a business network
  • To gain knowledge that bridges current knowledge gap
  • To experience a new place and culture
  • For better chances at a higher salary
  • To acquire valuable management skills
  • To learn how to build one’s own company from scratch

Read this first – there could be more choices out there than you thought

But before you jump into the first MBA programme that comes your way, here’s a look at what’s available in the MBA market and how far down your pockets you need to reach to enrol for one. It’s important to know how much to budget for to help you decide if the benefits of an MBA justifies the cost.

Here are examples of MBA programmes offered by private universities, foreign university branch campuses and public universities.

Private universities

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Foreign university branch campuses

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Public universities

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Entry requirements

Most MBA programmes require the candidate to have a recognised bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.5. Many also require relevant work experience though the number of years required varies.

The candidate also needs to demonstrate an adequate level of English language proficiency. Most institutions require an IELTS score that varies between 5.5 and 6.5. Other accepted scores include TOEFL iBT with a range of 46-93.

Because every institution had a different set of requirements, it is best to check with them on their specific entry requirements.

Before you sign up

After determining a course that meets your budget, another thing to consider when signing up for an MBA is the delivery mode of the programme (taught course vs course work, and face-to-face class vs online delivery). Do also note the intake date and the corresponding application deadline.

It would be worthwhile to speak to current students or the alumni to find out their experience with the MBA programme. And to ensure that you complete the MBA successfully, you need to find a course that you can fit into your schedule, particularly if you plan to work and study part-time.

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