EPF Announces 5.5% Dividend for 2023: What You Need to Know

Pauline Sundrum

Pauline Sundrum

Last updated 04 March, 2024

On March 3rd, 2024, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) of Malaysia announced its dividend release for the 2023 financial year, which is 5.5% for conventional savings and 5.4% for syariah savings. 

This equals a total payout of RM50.3 billion for conventional account holders and RM 7.5 billion for syariah account holders. 

As a cornerstone of Malaysia's retirement savings landscape, the EPF's dividend declaration holds significant importance for millions of contributors nationwide.


What is an EPF Dividend?

EPF dividend represents the return on investment that contributors receive on their savings with the fund. It is essentially the share of profits distributed among members based on the performance of the EPF's investment portfolio. The EPF, a statutory body established under the EPF Act 1991, manages the retirement savings of private sector employees in Malaysia, providing financial security for their post-employment years.

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Why You Need to Know About the Release?

Understanding the EPF dividend release is crucial for several reasons:

Financial Planning: For many Malaysians, the EPF forms a significant portion of their retirement savings. The dividend announcement helps individuals gauge the growth of their investments and plan their financial futures accordingly.


Economic Indicator: The EPF dividend reflects not only the fund's performance but also the broader economic conditions. A higher dividend suggests a robust economy and favorable investment climate, while a lower dividend may signal economic challenges.


Impact on Household Finances: The dividend release directly affects the disposable income of EPF contributors. Higher dividends mean more funds available for immediate expenses or additional savings, while lower dividends may require tighter budgeting.


Economic Conditions: Macroeconomic factors, including GDP growth, inflation rates, and global market trends, influence the EPF's investment outcomes. Economic stability fosters conducive environments for investment growth and dividend sustainability.


Risk Management: The EPF employs rigorous risk management practices to safeguard members' savings while maximizing returns. Prudent risk assessment and mitigation strategies are essential in maintaining dividend consistency over the long term

Where Would I See the Dividend Reflected?

EPF release

You would typically see the dividend released on March 3rd reflected in several places:

EPF Website: The official EPF website is one of the primary platforms where dividend announcements are made public. EPF contributors can log in to their accounts on the EPF website to access personalized information about their dividends, including the declared rate for the specific financial year.

EPF Statement of Account: EPF contributors receive regular statements of account either through mail or electronically, depending on their preferred mode of communication. The dividend release for the year would be clearly indicated in these statements, showing the credited amount based on the declared dividend rate.

EPF Mobile App: The EPF mobile app provides a convenient way for contributors to access their account information on the go. The dividend announcement would be prominently displayed within the app, allowing contributors to view their updated account balances and dividend credits.

ATM Receipts: If you choose to withdraw funds or perform transactions at EPF kiosks or ATMs, the dividend release may be reflected on your transaction receipts. These receipts typically provide details of the transaction, including any dividends credited to your account.

Employer Communication: Employers in Malaysia are required to inform their employees about EPF contributions and related updates. They may communicate the dividend release to employees through internal channels such as email, company portals, or during staff meetings.

News Outlets: Major news outlets in Malaysia often report on significant financial developments, including EPF dividend announcements. While not a direct reflection in your personal accounts, these reports provide general information about the dividend release and its implications for EPF contributors.

Overall, EPF contributors can expect to see the dividend released on March 3rd reflected in various communication channels provided by the EPF itself, as well as through employer communication and news outlets. Keeping track of these updates ensures contributors stay informed about their retirement savings and financial well-being.

In Conclusion

The EPF dividend release serves as a barometer of economic health and financial well-being for millions of Malaysians.

As contributors eagerly await the annual announcement, understanding the significance of the dividend and its implications is paramount. Whether for retirement planning, economic analysis, or managing household finances, staying informed about the EPF dividend ensures sound financial decision-making in the years ahead.

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