EPF i-Sayang: What You Need To Know & How To Apply

Dharshaini Grace

Dharshaini Grace

Last updated 10 March, 2023

Husbands, here’s another way for you to financially support your wife for the future, with i-Sayang! This new financial programme under the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) allows husbands to voluntarily transfer their EPF monthly contributions to their wives EPF accounts for their welfare. 


“By enabling husbands to voluntarily contribute 2% of their EPF monthly contribution, they would encourage their wives to have long-term savings and in addition, gain access to the quality social security and income security currently enjoyed by EPF members,” said EPF Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Seri Amir Hamza Azizan. 


He continued, “Therefore, the i-Sayang initiative is in line with the government's commitment to empower rights and take care of women's welfare, in addition to applying family values in line with the concept of Malaysia Madani.”


But why only 2% contribution? 

The i-Sayang contribution is limited to 2% after taking into consideration if the husband has 4 wives, to which the total contribution is 8%. Hence, the husband’s remaining employee share will be 3% of the total employee share of 11%. 


The 2% contribution is set by the government as well, so transferring more than 2% is not allowed. 


Eligibility for i-Sayang Programme: 

  • The 2% contribution must be applied by the husband to transfer to the wife. 

  • Only the wife is entitled to receive the 2% contribution from the husband. 

  • Both contributor (husband) and the recipient (wife) must be EPF members. 

  • The husband and wife’s age must be aged below 75 years old. 

  • Marriage must be legally registered in Malaysia. 

  • The contributor (husband) can be Malaysian or non-Malaysian; but the recipient (wife) must be Malaysian. 

How do I apply for the i-Sayang Programme? 

Husbands who are interested in applying for the i-Syang programme can easily apply through: 

Can I cancel my i-Sayang application? 

Once applied and approved, you may not be able to cancel your i-Sayang application without any valid reason. You (husband) will only be able to cancel the i-Sayang only if you and your wife are divorced or the death of your wife (receiver). 


Show your love to your wife with i-Sayang! For more information, visit www.kwsp.gov.my or call 03-89226000. 



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