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Last updated 21 October, 2020

Technology is transforming at a rapid pace and impacting the way organisations operate and work.

Digital Transformation is now inevitable across all sectors, and Human Resource (HR) management is not immune to it.

Additionally, the global COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the acceleration of digital transformation in HR, forcing them to think of operational alternatives like tapping into technologies to cope with changing market demands and restricted movement.

The pandemic has also called for higher demand of virtual working, automated, seamless, and intuitive systems accessible at any time from any location - alternatives which have started to become more attractive options for businesses.

In a sense, having an online HR software management has grown beyond just being a luxury, but rather a necessity.

What is HR software and why does it matter?

In its most basic form, a HR software is one that combines different systems and processes that give readily accessible data to employees and business when needed.

The basic functions of HR software management system typically involve payroll management, benefits, leave management, administration, time stamps, and other features. These systems are particularly useful for SMEs that are less structured than larger corporations.

Since the launch of the first HR-centered platform in 1987 in the United States, dozens others have followed suit, only varying by function. Over the years, many organisations have begun finding value in HR software platforms and in its efficiency.

Businesses run smoothly not only due to their employees but also with strong processes in place.

But what are the benefits of HR platforms?

Gone are the days of manual labour
With so many different tasks at hand, HR professionals would appreciate it if they had more time to do strategic work rather than tedious tasks like inputting data in manually by hand or manually vetting candidates.

Relying heavily on a HR software platform would automatically turn into the perfect solution and it certainly would make work more efficient, saving up businesses time and would better help allocate resources.

Accurate pool of data
Keeping track of data is a tedious and time consuming task. These are factors that could make it more susceptible to human error and limitations. To avoid overlooking or misplacing crucial data, a HR software could help synthesise and analyse data in ways beyond human’s capabilities, giving them more time to focus on gathering insights and making strategic decisions.

It’s cost efficient and more effective
Though there are fears that signing up for a HR software app may cut a hole in the entire organisation’s budget, the money loss on man-hours and mistakes stack up even more compared to an up-front cost of HR software. Employers also get to save on hours of month-end reconciliation and give their employees the freedom to self-check their records. Make full use of their financing programs and monthly memberships to get the most out of the payments.

CIMB’s will help you seamlessly digitise your business

If you are looking for an all-encompassing HR software platform that allows you to manage multiple functions on one platform, then look no further than CIMB’s, an all-in-one payroll and HR platform.

Here are 6 reasons why we believe CIMB’s platform can elevate your business’ HR initiatives:

1. Unlimited access, anytime, anywhere
On-the-go updates, claim status and leave balances that are instantly updated and available to employees and managers.

2. Cloud-based security
Never lose an employee record or payroll again. All sensitive human resource data is securely stored, for as long as your business requires.

3. Easy to use
Intuitive interface for all staff and management level employees to report the number of workdays and get access to salary slip history from the first day of employment.

4. Built-in compliance
Itemised ePayroll with built-in auto-calculators for monthly PCB, EPF, SOCSO, and EIS Deductions, plus commission-based and allowance remuneration.

5. Seamless & digital
Submissions and approvals for leave application and expense are all done on the platform. No more searching for emails, documents and manual records.

6. Management reports
Easily view staff leave records and expense claims by employee and/or department. This eases and helps you make faster decisions with information at your fingertips.

The platforms come with four main features:

1. Payroll
This feature lets employers free up hours of manual calculations and filing, and allows them to customise salary calculations for each individual or by departments.

2. Leave
Tired of manual leave balances? This feature lets employees apply for leave online, through any device.

3. Claims
Checking expense claims, and making payment to each individual is a tedious process. So why not ease the work with integrated payroll and customisable multi-currency options?

4. Smart-check in
Need to track clocking in and out? Connect to any hardware device to integrate Time & Attendance with payroll.

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