A Comparison Of Malaysia's Best Petrol Loyalty Cards

CompareHero.my Team

CompareHero.my Team

Last updated 20 January, 2020

Other than credit cards to help you save money on petrol refill, you can also use a petrol loyalty card to earn points and save more on your petrol expenses. But do you know which one should you use?

It is not that difficult to look for one actually. There are currently five petrol stations in Malaysia that offer loyalty programs including Shell, Petronas, Petron, BHPetrol, and Caltex. Read this table and see if you already have of any of these petrol loyalty cards.

Compare Petrol Loyalty Cards In Malaysia
Features BonusLink Shell Petronas Mesra Card Petron Miles Card Caltex Journey Card BHPetrol Card
Registration Fee Free Free Free Free Free
Earning Ratio 1 Litre of Fuel = 1 BonusLink Point 1 Litre of Fuel or RM3 spent = 3 Points 1 Litre of Blaze 95/Diesel Max/Turbo Diesel = 2 Petron Miles Points
1 Litre of Blaze 97/100 = 3 Petron Miles Points
1 Litre of Fuel = 1 BPoint RM1 Spent = 1 Point
Redemption Ratio 100 Points = RM 1 Shell Voucher 100 Points = RM 1 cash rebate 450 Petron Miles Points = RM 5
1600 Petron Miles Points = RM20
3000 Petron Miles Points = RM45
100 BPoints = RM 1 cash rebate 950 Points = RM10
550 Points = RM5
Extra Benefits 1 Flexibility to earn points from other BonusLink partners Enjoy exclusive monthly promotions Earn Petron Miles Points on Agoda Multiple Merchants To Earn Your Bpoints You can earn 10 X Points when you renew your SmartDrive motor insurance by AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad via BHPetrol website.
Extra Benefits 2 Wide Range of Gifts To Choose For Redemptions - Wide Range of Gifts To Choose For Redemptions Wide Range of Gifts To Choose For Redemptions Wide Range of Gifts To Choose For Redemptions

How These Petrol Loyalty Cards Help You Save More


1. BonusLink Shell

BonusLink card should sound familiar to every Malaysian as you can shop, dine or refill petrol at Shell stations to earn rewards points with this card. With a BonusLink card, you can earn 1 BonusLink point with every 1 litre of petrol refill at any Shell station.

When you refill between 125 - 250 litres a month, you can get an additional 25 BonusLink points. If you refill between 251 - 500 litres a month, you will get 75 extra points and for any refill above this petrol amount, you can earn 150 extra BonusLink points!

By accumulating your BonusLink points, you can redeem RM 5 rebate for your next petrol refill with every 500 BonusLink points. Other than petrol cash rebate, you can also use your points to redeem electronic gadgets, travel accessories, luxury products and more on BonusLink’s catalogue.

Our thoughts: This card’s bonus points feature is excellent for those who own a car that require high amount of fuel, such as a four-wheel drive. On top of that, you can enjoy the flexibility to redeem other gifts like gadgets or shopping vouchers on BonusLink’s site.

 2. Petronas Mesra Card

You can register at any Petronas station to get a Mesra card and start earning your Mesra Points immediately. For every 1 litre of petrol refill or RM 1 spent in the Petronas Mesra shop, you can earn 3 points. When you earn enough Mesra Points, you can redeem rebate based on the ratio of 100 Mesra Points = RM 1.

However, you should be aware that your Mesra Points expire every 3 years, so keep in mind to redeem your rebates before your Mesra Points expire.

Our thoughts: Petronas Mesra Card currently offers the highest points-earning ratio and you can redeem your petrol cash rebate faster if you are a loyal customer of Petronas.

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3. Petron Miles Card

For every litre of Blaza 95, Diesel Max or Turbo Diesel refill at any Petron station, you can earn 2 Petron Miles Points with your Petron Miles Card. And for every litre of Blaze 97 or 100, you can earn 3 Petron Miles Points.

You can choose to redeem the following rebates:

  • 450 Petron Miles Points = RM 5
  • 1600 Petron Miles Points = RM20
  • 3000 Petron Miles Points = RM45
  • 2400 Petron Miles Points = RM 20 AEON Voucher

You can also earn 3 Petron Miles Points by booking your accommodation on Agoda with every RM 1 spent.

Our Thoughts: It is definitely helpful to be able to earn Petron Miles Points by booking accommodation on Agoda. We also applaud Petron Miles’ gift redemption from a wide range of choices for users.

4. Caltex Journey Card

Caltex Journey Card is a result of the partnership between Caltex and B Infinite, another Malaysian loyalty programme that rewards members for their spending. You can earn 1 BPoint with every RM 1 spent at any Caltex station and redeem vouchers from various well-known shopping sites such as Zalora and Lazada. Read this to find out the redemptions available with this card.

Our Thoughts: If you are familiar with B Infinite, you will love to have this card because you can enjoy earning your BPoints from so many merchants as well as exclusive promotions. On top of that, you can also choose your redemptions from a wide choice of gifts aside from petrol cash rebate.

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5. BHPetrol eCard

With this member card, you can earn 1 ePoint with every litre of petrol or RM 1 spent at BHPetrol station. When you earn 550 ePoints, you can redeem RM 5 cash rebate for your next petro refill. If you earn 950 ePoints, you can earn RM 10 rebate.

Our Thoughts: This is the only petrol loyalty card that still applies point-earning ratio based on the ringgit you spend rather the amount of fuel you purchase. This makes BHPetrol eCard stands out among the rest as you can accumulate more based on the ringgit you spend (RM2.27 = 1 litre of Ron 96 petrol). However, we hope to see more merchants and redemption choices from the petrol company to attract more users to its loyalty programme.

Are you ready to save more money from your petrol expenses? Sign up with your preferred petrol station and start saving now! Also, don’t forget to check out our weekly petrol prices update on every Wednesday.

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