What is PADU Malaysia and Why Register?

Michelle Chee

Michelle Chee

Last updated 13 March, 2024

PADU stands for Pangkalan Data Utama, or Central Database Hub. You would have seen it being written or debated about it the news of late.

Many people are still not clear about PADU is or how it functions. Many also question why they should register.

Here, we shall address some of your most pressing questions about PADU. We hope that this will help you make informed decisions about this system. 


Firstly, What is PADU?

In early January 2024, the government launched PADU, the central database hub for all Malaysians. According to reports, as of early February 2024, only 2.38 million Malaysians have registered themselves in the system. The government has set the closing date for registration at 31st March 2024.

The main objective of PADU is to ensure that government benefits are better channeled to those who qualify. It streamlines and updates data from various government departments to ensure that aid, subsidies and other types of help are distributed in an accurate manner.

Additionally, it also allows certain Ministries access to crucial information about the income and wealth of Malaysians. This comes in handy in the planning and implementation of various policies. 


What are PADU's Main Objectives?

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PADU is a platform that integrates and holds the personal data of Malaysians above the age of 18. In addition to individual information, it also holds information about households.

This information can be directly updated from time to time by those who hold PADU accounts. The government then uses the data in PADU to:

  • Have a source of authentic  'near real-time' digital information about Malaysians without data corruption from middlemen or external sources.
  • Formulate policies based on these data
  • Design policies that are targeted at certain groups.
  • Increase the efficiency of government services
  • Reinforce the fair and efficient use of limited resources
  • Empower the rakyat economically and socially through various programs
  • Close the income gap between classes whilst balancing national development.

Why and How do I Register for PADU?

For the average Malaysian, registering for PADU will help you qualify for targeted aids and subsidies. The data will come in useful well into the future. 

Registration for new accounts can be done at the main PADU website in three simple steps:


After registering for a PADU account, you can check the information already on your profile ( these have been gathered from various government agencies in past years/programmes).

Should any of your information be inaccurate, you can update it easily within the site itself. Finally, there's a feedback section which you can fill in to help improve the site or database.


Is it Difficult to Register?

Based on the author's own personal experience, PADU registration is quick and easy, taking about 10-15 minutes to complete at most. All you have to do is ensure you have your MyKad with you, and be in a brightly lit area. PADU registration is best done with both a mobile phone and laptop/PC present. 

Another note is to be sure that you've filled in the 8 different segments correctly before confirming your submission. No worries as they're pretty short and already filled for the most part. 


Concerns About PADU

The slow reception of the PADU system mainly revolves around cybersecurity concerns. Many are hesitant to hand over personal information to the government for fear that the data may be leaked or hacked into.

With the number of online scams on the rise, this remains a valid concern. However, government officials have also reiterated their commitment to keeping PADU safe. There is also yet to be a data leak or successful hacking of the site.  


The Bottom Line

So if you're a Malaysian, do take a few minutes and complete a sign-up of your PADU account. This will definitely help you if you're in the middle to lower income bracket.

Any subsidies, benefits or government aid will rely heavily on this database in the future. If you know anyone who needs aid but doesn't have access to the internet or struggles with digital literacy, do help them sign up too. 

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