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More often than not, you would only want a consumer-level broadband connection. This means that your internet connection is for private or home use only. It doesn't make sense to apply for a business broadband connection for a household of five, especially since business broadband connections tend to be more expensive. This applies for the reverse: You wouldn't want a consumer connection even if it is cheaper for your business, as the amount of data a business needs to process is greater than a private user.
If you don't use the internet on a daily basis, then consider getting a prepaid broadband connection instead which would be the cheaper option. A postpaid broadband connection comes at a fixed monthly fee and will give you internet connectivity all the time. On the contrary, a prepaid broadband connection will let you access the internet only whenever you need to. Fiber broadband connections, however, only come as postpaid packages. is here to make choosing a broadband plan much easier for you with our broadband comparison tool. You can compare download speeds, data caps, bundles, and prices for all broadband plans offered by Malaysia's top providers. It's also free and easy to use! So, what are you waiting for? Compare now and find the best broadband deals in Malaysia!

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