2021 Malaysia Income Tax e-Filing Guide For Newbies

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You can almost hear the groans about filing of taxes from everyone. It’s time to do your income tax again, everyone! (do it before 30 April 2021 for manual filing and 15 May 2021 for e-Filing).

For new tax-payers, we’re going to make it easy for you with an easy-to-use guide. Starting from tax paying eligibility to the great benefits you can get from filing your taxes online – read on!

First thing’s first: You have to find out if your annual income is taxable as a resident in Malaysia.

Am I taxable?

To be taxable, you have to fulfill certain requirements as a resident in Malaysia.

  • An individual who earns an annual income of RM34,000 (after EPF deductions)
  • An individual who earns income a business (though gains or business profits)

If you fulfill the requirements, then you are definitely taxable. The next thing you should do is to file your income tax – do it online!

Income tax deadline 2021

  • manual filing deadline: 30th April 2021
  • e-Filing deadline: 15th May 2021

You can file your taxes on ezHASiL on the LHDN website.

How to file your personal income tax online in Malaysia

Gone are the days of queuing up in the wee hours of the morning at the tax office to complete your filing. You can now pay your taxes and get your tax returns online (or through other methods). This will save you time and frustration by keeping you away from the crowds.

The infographic below will help you:


A first-timer’s easy guide to filing taxes 2021

  • Register at LHDN
    • If you are newly taxable, you must register an income tax reference number.
    • Register at the nearest IRBM (Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia)/LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) branch OR register online at hasil.gov.my
    • Provide copies of the following documents:
      • Latest salary statement (EA/EC form) or pay slip
      • Identification Card (IC) / police IC / army IC / international passport
      • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
    • e-Filing first timers nust apply for a PIN number at the nearest IRBM/LHDN branch (required for first-time login)

  • Basic requirements for filing taxes
    • Ensure you have the following ready for your e-filing:
      • Reference number (MyKad, Passport, Marriage, or Tax reference number)
      • Income statement (EA form, dividends rental, pension, royalties, etc.)
      • EPF statement
      • Receipts to claim reliefs, rebate, & exemptions
        Which forms to use

  • The forms you use depends on your source of income and residency status:
      • Form e-BE/BE: Individuals without business source (employed individuals)
      • Form e-B/B: Individuals with business source (own & run a business)
      • Form e-BT/BT: Individuals who are specialised/experts (knowledge worker)
      • Form e-M/M: Non-resident individual (employed or own & run a business)
      • Form e-MT/MT: Non-resident individual who are specialised/experts (knowledge worker)

  • Tax reliefs & rebates (for more info, go to www.hasil.gov.my)
    • Depending on your status and spend, you can be eligible for a variety of reliefs:
    • Self & Dependent – RM9,000
    • Medical expenses for parent(s) – RM5,000
    • Basic supporting equipment for disabled self, spouse, child, or parent – RM6,000
    • Disabled individual – RM6,000
    • Education – RM7,000
    • Medical expense for serious diseases – RM6,000
    • Complete medical examination – RM500
    • Lifestyle – RM2,500
    • Breastfeeding equipment – RM1,000
    • SSPN’s scheme in savings – RM6,000
    • Child care fees – RM1,000
    • Alimony payments – RM4,000
    • Disabled spouse – RM3,500
    • Ordinary child relief – RM2,000
    • Each unmarried child (18 years & above)
      • receiving full-time education – RM2,000
      • receiving further education in MY (award diploma or higher); outside of MY (degree or higher) – RM8,000
    • Disabled child – RM6,000
    • Life Insurance & EPF – RM6,000
    • Deferred Annuity & PRS (2012 – 2021) – RM3,000
    • Insurance for education OR medical – RM3,000

  • Payment options
    • Fill up the e-Filing form and double-check all your details in the Summary section.
    • Your taxes will be automatically calculated.
    • If you have excess paid, it will be paid out to you to your bank account you provide.
    • If you have balances due, you can pay through FPX, an ATM, or over the counter.

Source: http://www.hasil.gov.my

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