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Last updated 10 October, 2019


Our Closing Thoughts on Budget 2019

Adoi - that was a lot to take in! Lim Guan Eng was, admittedly, speaking so fast that we had a hard time catching up. This budget announcement was heavy and carries three significant themes:

  • Institutional Reforms
  • People's Well-being
  • Pollution & Entrepreneurial Culture

The total budget allocated for 2019 is total of RM314.55 billion, of which RM259.85 billion is for operational expenditure such as administration duties, and RM54.7 billion is for developmental expenditure, such as building and upgrading of schools.

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A lot of points were mentioned and brought up, mostly touching on topics relating to the B40 income group, as well as the introduction of new taxes such as sugar tax, digital tax, and imported services tax.

We'll be providing more information in the following weeks, so hang around!

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Updates on the Malaysia Budget 2019

Every 3rd quarter of a year, the Malaysian National Budget becomes the hot topic of discussion. Seated on the edges of our seats, knuckles white around our smartphones, all of us anxiously wait to see the announcements. For Budget 2019 (#belanjawan2019), it is going to be an even more anxious wait for several reasons.

It is the first change of government in a long time. Our national debt is high. Our very own Minister of Finance has said that there will be "no goodies to give out" this time. There is also a page where citizens can give and read suggestions for the Budget 2019. Find sites related to Malaysia Budget 2019 below.

Live Budget 2019 Malaysia Updates

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