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Here are the 5 Best Credit Cards if You Just Started Working Team Team

Last updated 29 April, 2019

Updated 4 April 2019

Have you just gotten into the working life and are looking for a credit card? You want to make sure you get a suitable credit card that is fit for your current spending style and affordable to maintain at the same time. Which one to get? We’ve laid it out for you here.

The card we’ve put together below are well within the eligibility of most fresh graduates who have been in the workforce for several months. They have low income requirements and little to no-annual fees. Of course, these cards still have enough benefits and features for you to utilize in your daily spending.

Best Credit Cards for Fresh Graduates in Malaysia

Maybank 2 Gold Cards


Maybank’s 2 Gold Cards are a common sight in most of our wallets. The Maybank 2 Gold Cards come in a pair consisting of an American Express Gold Card and a Maybank MasterCard or Visa card. Both cards share a single statement, meaning you don’t have to fuss about with multiple statements.

The American Express card offers excellent benefits, as it gives 5x TreatsPoints when spent with it and it offers 5% cashback when used on the weekends on a variety of spending, capped at RM50 cashback per month.

This set of credit cards is an excellent pair for those who are starting out and want a credit card that can cover both rewards points and cashback (especially without much restrictions). It also has a lifetime waiver on annual fee.


  • 2 Cards for 1 application in 1 statement: Maybank 2 American Express Gold Card and Maybank 2 Mastercard/Visa Gold Card
  • Lifetime annual fee waiver
  • 5x TreatsPoints for spend on Maybank 2 American Express card
  • 1x TreatsPoints for spend on Maybank 2 Mastercard/Visa Gold Card
  • 5% Weekend Cashback on Maybank 2 American Express Card (capped RM50/month)


  • Maybank account-holder
  • Minimum annual income of RM30,000
  • 21 – 65 years old


Citibank Clear Card


The Citibank Clear Card is a credit card that’s aimed at the “trendy” ones in all of us. The Citibank Clear card is a rewards card that offers up to 3x rewards points when you spend RM1 at participating merchants. The points earned can then be used to pay for shopping, dining or more!

Aside from earning rewards points, Citibank’s Clear card also provides you with 1-for-1 offers at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets for drinks and 1-for-1 Friday movie tickets at GSC and TGV Cinemas. It is an ideal card for those who still want to spend time chilling out with their partners or friends, partying at Zouk KL, and ending their workweeks with movies.


  • 1x Citi Rewards point for every RM1 spend
  • 3x Citi Rewards points for every RM1 spend at selected merchants
  • Instant Redemption of Citi Rewards points for shopping, dining, movie tickets, and more
  • 1-for-1 drinks at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets (Mon-Fri)
  • 1-for-1 Friday movie tickets at GSC and TGV Cinemas
  • 3-year annual fee waiver


  • Minimum annual income of RM24,000
  • 21 years old and above

Annual fee: RM90 for principal card

Standard Chartered Visa Platinum


As a rewards card, the Standard Chartered Visa Platinum is one that’s generous with points. You can earn up to 5x on most of your dining expenses, including purchases made at department stores and overseas. On top of that, if your expenditure on the card is up to RM1,500 per month, you will receive an additional 5,000 points!

If you figure that a cashback card might be a little bit too confusing for you with its restrictions, the Standard Chartered Visa Platinum is a no-frills rewards card that nets you higher rewards points which you can redeem for items, payment, or vouchers.


  • 5,000 bonus points every month when you spend RM1,500
  • 5x points when you spend on dining, purchases at department stores, and overseas
  • 1x points for other local spend
  • Lifetime annual fee waiver


  • Minimum annual income of RM36,000
  • 21 years old and above


HSBC Visa Platinum


Do you spend a lot of time in Mid Valley Megamall or The Gardens Mall shopping? If you do, you should be using the HSBC Visa Platinum credit card to make your purchases! Exclusively to HSBC, you can earn 8x rewards points for all spending in both these malls – that’s a lot of points. If you occasionally do swing over to other selected malls, you can earn 5x points too.

In addition to that, you can enjoy exclusive offers and discounts across many shopping outlets nationwide.


  • 8x rewards points on spend at Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall
  • 5x rewards points on spend at other selected malls
  • 1x rewards points for other spend
  • Visa Premium Privileges


  • Minimum annual income of RM36,000
  • 21 years old and above


Alliance Bank You:nique Rebate/Rewards


Want to have a credit card that no one else has? Use an image of your own with Alliance Bank’s You:nique rebate or rewards credit card! This credit card’s nifty feature is that you can upload an image of your choice, be it yourself, your family, or an awesome scenery, and have it printed on the card.

You must choose whether you want a Rebate or Rewards credit card variant, however. They both offer reasonable benefits and rewards, so we included both for your consideration. The Rewards card lets you earn 2x Timeless Bonus Points (non-expiring) with every Ringgit spend, and the Rebate card lets you earn up to 3% cashback on all retail purchases without any restrictions.


  • 2x Timeless Bonus Points with every Ringgit spent
  • Get up to 3% cash rebates on all retail purchases without restrictions on petrol, groceries, or specific merchants
  • Personalised card face with your own image
  • 3-year annual fee waiver; 4th year onwards waived with minimum spend of RM5,000 or 12 swipes within 12 months


    • Minimum annual income of RM24,000
    • 21 years old and above


These five credit cards are great at starting you out in the world of credit management! They have enough benefits and privileges that make them worthwhile and they have very little to no commitment from you (aside from repaying what you’ve spent).

If you are interested in any of these credit cards, do check out our current promotions to add another layer of value to your credit cards.

You can contact our Customer Heroes too if you have any questions regarding the credit cards here (Facebook Messenger):
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