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Comparison of the Prices of Boba Teas in KL Team Team

Last updated 18 February, 2020

Gone are the days where social media would be flooded with coffee cups and cafe sessions, cause now it's all the craze for boba tea! Be it bubble tea,  pearl tea or boba tea, whichever way you call it, we have to admit, it has become a global phenomenon. These little squishy drinks has become such a massive part of our existence that it almost feels bizarre to lepak with your friends without getting one.


However, it's declared as one of the most unhealthiest drinks around. So it kind of burns a hole through your wallet! It really isn't one of the cheapest tea drinks around, right?

But hey, we’re not asking you to completely cut out the little black pearls from your life because let's face it, that would be preposterous! What you can do, however, is to drink it less frequently and find the best boba that fits for your budget! We've got your back, read on and find out the price comparisons between 18 of boba teas you can find around. For an accurate comparison, we will be compiling the price for Brown Sugar Boba Milk or Milk Tea with Pearl across all the bubble tea brands.


If you often get serious boba milk tea cravings, then we have the Cheapo Range solution for you! These brands list their teas as one of the cheapest in the market. And while they may be cheap, they're still packed with flavour. Ranging from some of the oldest bubble tea brands in Malaysia, to the latest addition from Family Mart, these bubble milk tea is super tas-tea, and they help you save your money!


Now let's paint a weekend picture and you're out on a date with your significant other, suddenly she says "Hey, I'm craving for some boba, can we please get some?" Now, you want to seem like a gentleman but at the same time, you want to save some money. We all know how a lavish cup of boba can be (sometimes we can hear the burning sizzle in our wallets) but this happens occasionally, so what are you waiting for? The bubbles are bouncy and chewy, the milk tea is creamy, but just be mentally prepared to queue up for the tea though!


So we've gone from daily boba, to weekly boba and now it's probably the once a month boba. Gaji dah keluar and you have some money to splurge, why not go big with these top of the range boba teas. From cheese foams, to tiger stripes in your drink, these outlets give you some what of a different engagement when it comes to boba tea.  You can expect your drink to be on the pricey side, but the ingredients, experience, and the enhanced flavour they market to the crowd, you'll be finding yourself returning to the outlets, thirsty for more.

The team is comprised of many talented individuals, sharing their knowledge, experiences and research to help others make better financial decisions.


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