Maybank Cashback & Rewards No More For eWallet Team Team

Last updated 27 August, 2019

Been taking advantage of Maybank's generous cashback and rewards points when reloading your e-wallets? Time to say goodbye to that (unfortunately), as Maybank has announced all eWallet reloads will not be eligible for such benefits, effective 8th July.

What does this mean?

This means that Maybank cardholders who actively use eWallets will no longer be able to reap credit card benefits when reloading their eWallets.

For example, the Maybank 2 Gold Card American Express offers up to 5X rewards points and 5% cashback on weekends. Before, if you were to reload your eWallet, you can earn both, but 8th July onwards, no rewards points nor cashback will be given anymore.

This change will affect all Maybank credit cards, including the FC Barcelona Visa Signature cashback credit card or even the Visa Signature rewards credit card, and all eWallets that accept credit card payment.

Source: Maybank

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