4 Ways To Recognize Money Scams!

Dharshaini Grace

Dharshaini Grace

Last updated 21 December, 2022

We’re already in 2023, and if you’re still falling for scams - we got to do something about it! Due to the rise of technology and social media, your personal details can be obtained online which they will use to fool you. 

Don’t fall prey to these money scams! Here are ways for you to recognize money scams. 

1. Pretends to be from an organization that you know. 

Most of the time, scammers would use names of organizations that many are familiar with or on behalf of the government.  Examples of these organizations that scammers would claim to be from are EPF, Bukit Aman Police, various banks and others. 

2. Claims there’s a “problem” or a “prize”. 

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As mentioned earlier, scammers would usually already have your personal information like your full name, IC number and others. They will use this information with claims of entanglement under your name such as you owing a huge sum of money. They will urge you to settle the problem quickly as you could be put in jail and will require you to give details of your bank account to make payment. 

Other than “problems”, they would claim that you have won a prize! However, in order for you to claim your prize, you’ll have to share your bank details to them to make the “transfer”. 

3. Pressure you to act immediately. 

Threatening to sue and arrest you is all part of their plan to make you panic and unable to think straight. They will try to keep you on the call, so you’ll have no time to verify their story and pressure you to act immediately. 

4. The contact number or email address looks suspicious. 


If the scam calls are made from a private number or a contact number with an international caller ID, then it’s most likely a scam. If the numbers are visible, do a quick Google search before picking them up.

As for email addresses, if the email is sent from a public domain such as @gmail.com and is misspelled, it’s a scam! 

For example: BankNegara@gmail.co 

Most of these companies and organizations will use their official name as the domain address. So take a good look at the address before sending out any details. 

Now you know how to detect scams, be vigilant, and don't fall for money scams! 


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