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Last updated 15 April, 2019

iPhone X is about to hit the stores in Malaysia and the top four telco companies have released their plans to get one. To help you compare the best postpaid plan for an iPhone X, we have listed out all the plans and made some suggestions for you below.

What Is In Store For The New iPhone X?

The long-awaited iPhone X has been causing a storm of hype since Apple’s official announcement and it is easy to understand why. To recap, the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 were launched in September 2017 and these are the new specs that it comes with:

  • Three new models including two minor “S” upgrades and an all-new flagship
  • Curved, edge-to-edge OLED display with True Tone technology and/or Ion-X glass
  • Virtual home button
  • Facial recognition alternative to Touch ID
  • “Wireless” charging (i.e. inductive charging) and/or faster USB-C charging
  • Dual-lens camera, possibly in a vertical configuration
  • AR capabilities featuring rear-facing 3D laser for enhanced depth perception
  • Support for the Apple Pencil
  • Stainless steel and glass body
  • Multiple color including a reflective, mirror-like finish
  • Upgraded storage and memory, possibly starting at 64GB and 3GB of RAM
  • Intel or Qualcomm modem
  • iOS 11
  • Enhanced water resistance or waterproofing
  • Higher quality earpiece for louder, clearer audio
  • Apple’s next-generation processor (the A10X or A11)

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Best Telco Plans For iPhone X in Malaysia

iPhone X is expected to arrive in Malaysia for sale from 24 Nov 2017 and you can go to Digi, Celcom, UMobile, or Maxis to buy the phone with its plans.

Following the best plans for iPhone 8, here are the plans you can find for iPhone X in Malaysia:

Best Telco Plans for iPhone X in Malaysia
Plan iPhone X 64 GB (RM) iPhone X 256 GB (RM) Monthly Payment (RM) Data Others
Celcom FIRST Gold Plus 3718 4378 98 20 GB (All day) + 20 GB (Weekends) Unlimited Call
Celcom FIRST Gold Supreme 3508 4168 128 25 GB (All day) + 25 GB (Weekends) Unlimited Call
Celcom FIRST Platinum 3358 4018 148 30 GB (All day) + 30 GB (Weekends) Unlimited Call+ SMS
Celcom FIRST Platinum Plus 3078 3738 188 100 GB (All day) Unlimited Call+ SMS
Digi Postpaid 78 3895 4555 78 6 GB (All day) + 6 GB (Weekends) Unlimited Call
Digi Postpaid 108 3695 4355 108 9 GB (All day) + 9 GB (Weekends) Unlimited Call
Digi Postpaid 138 3495 4155 138 12 GB (All day) + 12 GB (Weekends) Unlimited Call
MaxisONE Plan 128 3505 4165 128 15 GB (All day) + 15 GB (Weekends) Unlimited Call + SMS
MaxisONE Plan 158 3295 3955 158 20 GB (All day) + 20 GB (Weekends) Unlimited Call + SMS
MaxisONE Plan 188 3075 3735 188 25 GB (All day) + 25 GB (Weekends) Unlimited Call + SMS
Umobile Postpaid i90 3825 4485 90 7 GB (All day) Unlimited call, 5 GB Video Onz, Music Onz, and App Onz.
Umobile Postpaid i130 3465 4125 130 10 GB (All day) Unlimited call, 5 GB Video Onz, Music Onz, and App Onz.

Plans with cheapest iPhone X 64 GB & 256 GB prices: MaxisONE Plan 188 or Celcom FIRST Platinum Plus.

Plan with the highest data quote: We recommend Celcom FIRST Platinum Plus with 30GB (All day) + 30GB (Weekends).

Plan with the lowest monthly commitment: We recommend Digi Postpaid 78 at only RM78 per month.

Plans with the best value: We recommend Celcom FIRST Platinum, Celcom FIRST Gold Plus, and Celcom First Gold Supreme

How To Buy An iPhone X?

Even though these telcos are selling the iPhone X at a cheaper price under these plans, you still need at least RM4,000 to pay for your phone and for upfront payment. Don’t have enough cash? Don’t worry, we have some tips for you to own your iPhone X.

1. Use the 0% interest installment plan with your credit card

Many credit cards offer you this feature for big-ticket items and now is a good time to use it! For instance, Maybank 2 Platinum Cards that allows you to apply for EzyPlus online after your payment at the outlet.

If you purchase during the weekend, you can earn 5X TreatsPoints and 5% cashback on your Amex card! Find out the best credit cards here to buy your iPhone x now.


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2. Use balance transfer

If you have only one credit card, it is time to apply for another one with great balance transfer feature and save yourself from the hefty interest charges. A balance transfer is a credit card-only feature that allows you to transfer your credit card debt to another credit card.

If your current credit card does not offer 0% interest installment plan, you can search for the credit cards with the best balance transfer programme and apply for one.

3. Use a cashback credit card

If you have the right cashback credit card, you can save more by purchasing your iPhone X with it. There are so many cashback credit cards in the market and you can find the one that suits your needs the best here.

Remember, if you don’t need a new phone or do not have enough funds, be patient and save up for it. We do not want you to end up in a financial pit hole just to buy a smartphone you probably don’t need in the first place. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives in the market if you really need one!

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