Celcom Home Broadband Review: Is it Worth It?

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CompareHero.my Team

Last updated 31 October, 2019

Celcom has finally joined the home broadband wagon with its recently launched Celcom Home Broadband, but already it seems to have disappointed the netizens. Before we delve into more details, take a look at what Celcom Home Broadband has to offer:

Celcom Home Broadband information table

*Prices stated are inclusive of GST

Now that we have the overview of the plan, we're wondering what Celcom is actually planning by releasing just ONE home broadband plan, ONLY for 10Mbps in speed, SPECIFICALLY for Celcom FIRST Gold users in Klang Valley when other broadband providers are racing to offer hundreds of Mbps in Internet speed to Malaysians.

Celcom logo


In terms of pricing, Celcom is slightly cheaper than the Maxis 10Mbps Home Fibre Broadband, but we’re talking about a difference of RM3.18. Thankfully Celcom has one-upped Maxis by offering a 50% discount for the first 6 months, so rather than paying the full RM153.70 (GST included), users pay only RM76.85 (GST included) for half a year. That’s RM461.10 worth of savings in total!

It’s certainly cheaper than Maxis 10Mbps Home Fibre Broadband, because even with the MaxisOne user discount, the plan price is still quite pricey at RM136.88 per month. In a nutshell, with Celcom Home Broadband you only pay RM3,227.76 over a 24 months contract. It looks like a lot, but you’ll need to shell out RM3,765.12 with Maxis Home Fibre Broadband for the same plan and contract period. Why pay RM537.36 more for the exact same broadband plan right?

*Note: This calculation is based on a 24-month subscription, Celcom has not specified any contractual obligation for their broadband plan so far.

Sadly, this plan is only available for Celcom FIRST Gold users in Klang Valley. We definitely hope Celcom will extend the availability of this plan to all Malaysians soon!


Speed & Coverage

For now, Celcom Home Broadband only offers 10Mbps unlimited Internet plan. Anyway, for those who meet this requirement, you’ll need to visit your nearest Blue Cube to check if your home is covered under Celcom’s home broadband network.

The 10Mbps plan makes it a light broadband package though, so steer clear of this plan if you’re a heavy Internet user. The upload and download speed is symmetrical, therefore it’s the perfect plan for those who only use the Internet for light surfing and streaming.

Celcom FIRST Gold plan

Fees & charges

What we love about the Celcom Home Broadband plan is its affordability. The RM200 installation fee and RM100 activation fee are both waived – to the delight of its potential users. All you need to pay for is the RM10 stamping fee which will be included in your first bill, so no upfront payment whatsoever. However, there is still a deposit fee of RM500 for non-Malaysians.

The broadband modem and box will be provided for free upon subscription, so you also save on device charges, score!


The call rates offered by Celcom Home Broadband isn’t too bad, at RM0.08 per minute to all networks. True, Maxis is slightly cheaper with its RM0.05 per minute rate for local calls, but the calls to mobile and nationwide numbers are charged at RM0.09 per minute.

Sadly, there’s no free voice calls in this package. Unlike its competitors, Celcom isn’t focusing too much on add-ons or call rates for its fixed line. We can understand why though, with this plan offered only to the existing Celcom FIRST Gold users, subscribers are already enjoying unlimited calls and SMS to all networks, rendering the fixed line unnecessary.


Our verdict

This is a certainly good and value-for-money broadband plan for light Internet users – provided you are a Celcom FIRST Gold user in Klang Valley. For those who do not meet the requirements set by Celcom, you can opt for TIME (if your area is within its coverage) or pay a little bit more to get Maxis Home Fibre Broadband or Unifi.

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