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5 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Travel Insurance Plan Team Team

Last updated 23 August, 2023

Folks that are fully vaccinated, we know that you’re excited to travel again with the Malaysian borders reopening in April, but this is your sign to make sure you’re insured before doing so. We know, we know- it’s been two years since you even got the chance to plan a getaway. However, there is something you just cannot miss before you go on your travels: travel insurance.

Selecting your travel insurance plan may sound complicated, but we promise it can be as simple as booking your flight ticket. In case you need some help, we’ve compiled 5 important tips to choosing the best travel insurance plan for yourself.

#1: Consider your needs

The first step in choosing the perfect travel insurance plan is to consider your needs. What are you most worried about? Are you concerned about trip cancellation? Lost luggage? Medical expenses? Once you know what your biggest concerns are, start to compare different plans and find one that best meets your needs.

#2: Know your destination and its current situation

Keep in mind that insurance companies offer various insurance plans depending on where you travel: domestic or international. These insurance plans range from medical-only to comprehensive policies which include coverage for theft, baggage loss, and cancellations. If you are travelling to high-risk countries, you are encouraged to get extensive travel insurance.

Some insurance companies will not offer insurance coverage for individuals who travel to high-risk countries. Should they do so, the travel insurance premium might be higher for high-risk countries than other countries.

#3 The Devil is in the Details

Compare travel insurance providers and policies before you make a purchase. Don’t be tempted by the cheapest insurance policies because there are likely loopholes and coverage exclusions hidden in the fine print. The cheaper insurance policies may also offer a lower coverage amount or have limited coverage categories. It is important to understand and read the fine details of an insurance policy before you make a decision.

#4: Take your travel itinerary into consideration

If you are an adrenaline junkie and you’re planning for some extreme sports, such as cage diving or bungee jumping during your trips, make sure to choose an insurance policy that has coverage for such activities. 

#5: Understand the Difference between Travel Insurance and Expat Insurance

For those who travel for short periods, travel insurance will suffice. However, expat insurance would be necessary for those travelling overseas for more than 12 months. It typically provides comprehensive medical coverage around the world for both emergency and non-emergency care. Do keep in mind the difference when you’re deciding on travel insurance.

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