5 Minimalist Lifestyle Choices to Help You Live Better and Save More Money

CompareHero.my Team

CompareHero.my Team

Last updated 28 February, 2022

For the past few years, minimalism has become a popular practice because of the benefits it has. 

A minimalist’s life means that you’ll strive to only have and use things that serve a purpose. Soon enough, you will realise how many things that are in your house don’t actually benefit you. Not only will this epiphany help you become more frugal with your spending in the future, but it will also help simplify your life. 

Practising minimalism is an ongoing process and there isn’t an ‘end’. You’ll come to find quirky ways to improve and modify it just to fit your lifestyle better. Over the long term, you’ll see that it’s more of a choice to live a more focused life. 

Taking the first steps to declutter your life is a big move, but you’ll need a plan if you want to have it for the long term. With that, here are 5 simple choices to consider, as you’ll be able to see the results very soon. 

1. Invest in quality

Minimalism doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of the simple things you enjoy, like going shopping. Rather, it’s an ask for you to be more intentional in your purchases. Whether you’re in need of a new pair of speakers or casual clothing, go for the ones that you’re sure will last a long time. Speaking of which, opt for plain t-shirts instead of fast fashion. Not only will it not go out of fashion, but it also looks amazing on anybody at all. 

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The same goes for just about anything in your home. The idea of investing in quality is to minimize the quantity so you don’t need 5 items to complete one task. Look for versatile pieces. Plus, you’ll also be doing the world a favour by reducing waste. 

2. Reconsidering your living space

Of all other minimalistic living keys, this is potentially the one that can save you the most money. 

If you’re already living in a small space, you can widen it by clearing off some old junk. But if you have more space than you need, consider moving to a smaller space. 

Because the truth is, we often have more space than we need. It just looks small because we’ve decorated each corner with storage for our stuff. Not just that, a smaller home also saves you a lot of time searching for things you misplaced. 


3. Go digital

Just about everything we want is accessible through the Internet. Although for some collector’s items, we might still want to have a physical version, digitizing our homes can help keep the dust away. These are things like books (which can be substituted with Kindle), notebooks (to note-taking apps), alarm clocks, and calendars. 

Luckily for us, most of them can already be found on our phones. 

This applies to most of us because this technology has only been with us for about a decade. But as our phones and computers get better and run more reliably, there will be even fewer physical items around our homes. 

At that point, it’ll be about digital minimalism. 

4. Save time on cleaning

To be brutally frank, carving out time to clean every single week can be tiresome. But it’s even more so when we have to lift up multiple items just to clean one table. Ergo, it will become a lot easier if we don’t have random items all across the surface of the table. 

Here are a few to-dos: 

  • Go through every room and place the items you don’t use regularly into a box. Call it a declutter box. For any item that you did not touch after 30 days, donate them. 
  • Assign your drawers. For example, charging cables go into one drawer/shelf, remote controls go into one, stationary go into one. 
  • Do that until most of your surfaces are empty and can be wiped clean with just a few strokes. 


5. Invest in experiences

The last part of minimalism often revolves around our experiences. Just because we’re cutting down on expenses for what we need, that doesn’t mean we’ll need to live an inferior life. It can often mean that instead of spending our money buying the latest iPhone, we choose to spend that money taking our family on a short trip. 

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It’s nothing against having the most sophisticated gadgets to play with, but it’s all going away at some point. Likely before you realise it and long after it has lost its value. But the memories you create? The stories you get to tell? And the smiles? You get to keep those forever. 

There are also free apps you can use to monitor how much you spend which will help you enjoy a minimalist life. Check them out below:

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