5 Best Luggage Brands for Travelers

Abdul Raqib Karim

Abdul Raqib Karim

Last updated 12 June, 2024

Lots of us love to travel. Whether it’s to get away with friends or loved ones or get away for a bit to recharge and do a little soul searching, travel is good for the soul, “the great affair is to move” as Robert Louis Stevenson said.

But once you’ve prepared your tickets, gathered your provisions, booked your lodgings and sorted your expenses, there is a small matter of luggage. 

You cannot travel without a place to haul your belongings and the souvenirs you’ll collect along the way. To this perennial need of all travelers, luggage and baggage has been one of the most important considerations to take. But how do we choose the right one for our trip? Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of the best luggage brands we think will have the right bags for you. 




We start our list with a luggage brand Malaysia has actually created. For the infrequent traveler or one on a budget who needs a simple, stylish luggage piece, you can’t go wrong with any of Case Valker’s pieces. A travel luggage brand with a presence on both Lazada and Shopee, it’s not uncommon for them to offer discounts on their best travel luggage during sales on the platforms. 

Case Valker luggage is exclusively hardsided. They’re mostly known for their Hana and Thena Unbreakable line, made in the standard polypropylene plastic. Their top of the line aluminum frame Morpho carry-on with its front open design, cup holder and USB port is RM1,099. But if you don’t travel too regularly and you’re looking for strikingly designed  carry-ons that start from under RM200, you can’t go wrong with the Gorgeous, Flawless, Carja or Matrix models. Made of more pliant ABS plastic, it’s more than enough for infrequent use or short range journeys  

Website: https://casevalker.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/case_valker/

TOP TRAVEL LUGGAGE BRANDS - Samsonite and American Tourister

445660840_868670848625880_665269419292715396_nSource: Samsonite Malaysia FB

Often thought of as one of the best luggage brands to get, Samsonite is noted for their good after-sales service and reasonable prices for a fairly high quality product, their hard-shell carry-on range has earned particularly good reviews. Their bags come with USB ports, suspension wheels, double coil magnetic zippers and even easy-brake wheels. They even have some frankly adorable animal-themed hardside carry-on cases for kids. If you have older Samsonite luggage, you can trade them in for newer ones at a 40% discount and Samsonite Malaysia has even pledged to donate RM10 with every trade-in until June this year! 

But if you’re looking for a simple, stylish well-made travel luggage brand at a reasonable price point, look no further than travel luggage brand American Tourister. While not as well known in Malaysia as other brands, it is owned by the same company that owns Samsonite, so you can expect the same level of quality. Their prices are fairly affordable, with even the most expensive coming at RM1,299. What’s more, their whole range comes in an array of fun designs and colors that make them stand-out in an otherwise incredibly cluttered and busy airport turnstile.

Both these travel luggage brands also have free delivery from their online store to West Malaysia.

Website (Samsonite): https://www.samsonite.com.my/luggage/

Website (American Tourister): https://www.americantourister.com.my/




Dipping our toes into the more luxurious section of the luggage market is BRIC’S. The company started making bags and luggage when it was founded by Mario Briccola in 1952. The Milanese brand has seen the patronage of A-List celebrities such as Amal Clooney, Kate Middleton and Reese Witherspoon.   

Their more accessible Ulisse range, which starts under RM700 is crisply designed and durable, and also comes with smooth rolling wheels and a USB port. But their higher-end luggage lines are very elegantly designed and fashionable, with their more subdued Capri and very fancy Bellaggio models incorporating leather patches and color and design combinations that really make them as much statement pieces as actual luggage. And they don’t come cheap, with just the carry-ons starting at just below RM2,000 while on sale


Available at:





When you think of a ribbed, metal luggage case in a movie, you’re actually thinking of the iconic RIMOWA. Much like BRIC’S, RIMOWA has a legion of die-hard fans that also include a few A-List celebrities, such as Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Martha Steward, Kate Upton. But the brand itself is very old, founded as Görtz & Morszeck in 1989 before being renamed to its current moniker in 1931. Their signature aluminum luggage design was actually born of necessity. A factory fire in 1930 had burned off all of their production material - except aluminum. 

This brand feels typically German - simple, unpretentious and incredibly sturdy.  They’re most well-known for their incredibly high level of quality. And you pay a steep price for the premium, with the classic aluminum carry-on retailing at RM6,600 and the polycarbonate version at RM5,250. RIMOWA’s Essential Lite range is more affordable, with the carry-on at RM3,500, and has the distinction of being incredibly lightweight

Website: https://www.rimowa.com/my/en/all-luggage/




At this end of the luxury spectrum, we have one of the pinnacles of luxury build quality. It was in 1974 in Edison, New Jersey by Charlie Clifford after a trip with the Peace Corp to Peru - the brand is named after a ceremonial Peruvian knife used in sacrifices. It has since expanded its presence throughout the world, including in South-East Asia and partnered with the McLaren Motorsports racing team. 

TUMI luggage is known for the ruggedness of its build materials, making it the best luggage for international travel. Like RIMOWA, it has a line of aluminum and polycarbonate luggage as well as the incredibly durable Tegris composite material. But it also famously has softside luggage made of ballistic nylon, a material often used in much of its range of products. For added peace of mind, TUMI’s bags have a 20-digit registration number on a metal plate inside. This means that if you register your contact details with the TUMI Tracer program, the luxury luggage brand will reunite you with a missing bag if it’s found again. Naturally, their luggage comes at a premium, with even the polycarbonate hardside carry-ons retailing at RM3,850. 

Website: https://www.tumi.my/luggage/

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Which brand of luggage is the most durable?

Aluminum hardside luggage tends to be the most durable, like those that can be found in RIMOWA and TUMI’s ranges. But these ranges can be prohibitively expensive, with even standard carry-ons priced within the RM6,000-RM7,000 range. The next best option is typically polycarbonate (PC), which is considerably cheaper and doesn’t scratch or dent as much. Most mid-range to high-end brands such as those mentioned above, as well as Samsonite, American Traveller and even Bric’s have luggage made of PC.  


What type of suitcase is best for international travel?


International travel is almost always done via air. This means you’ll want luggage that has good, durable wheels on all corners, also known as a spinner instead of a tilt-and-drag bag so that it’s easy to roll across a terminal. Hardside travel luggage will secure and protect your valuables and any fragile items, especially souvenirs. If possible, you should also get a carry-on bag that has a built-in USB port for any carry-ons, so you won’t have to remove a power bank if you need to charge your electronic devices. 


Do airlines prefer hard or soft luggage?

Their main concern is weight and if the luggage can fit into overhead compartments. The type of luggage itself is really of no concern to them. However, it must be noted that hardside luggage is almost impossible to overpack.  


Why do people prefer hard luggage?

There are several reasons. The first is better protection, as it’s much better at protecting particularly fragile objects, assuming there are soft layers like clothes inside as well. For the same reason, there’s better security, as it’s much harder to cut into a hard shell than to slice through softside luggage fabric. It can also be easier to divide things in hardside luggage, with the walls of the bag supporting otherwise soft objects. And of course, hardsides can often come in striking designs that softsides cannot hold up. . 


What are the disadvantages of hardside luggage?

The same advantage of being impossible to overpack is also a disadvantage when you do in fact need the bag to deform to fit more or something oddly shaped. They also tend to be much heavier than softside luggage. And while some may say it adds character to the luggage, hardsides are more prone to scratches and dents. Worst still, a particularly bad impact can even crack a plastic shell bag altogether (though it would typically have to be a very bad impact). 



We’ve given you a selection of some of the best luggage brands for their respective niches. Some are dependable, cheap and cheerful while others are pricey but indomitably sturdy, elegant and secure. Select a brand and a luggage piece within their collection based on what you can afford, what challenges you think your journey will encounter and how long and often you intend to use said luggage. Buy within your means, but don’t be penny wise and pound foolish if you need your luggage to stand up to abuse and long walks on a terminal. Most of all, have fun on your trip and be safe


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