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Last updated 19 October, 2023

There are many different cashback credit cards available in Malaysia, so it's important to choose one that's right for you. Let’s explore the top credit cards that offer fantastic cashback rewards for grocery spending.

Best Cashback Credit Cards For Groceries In 2023

Cashback credit card

Grocery cashback rate

Minimum monthly spend

Annual fee

Participating merchants

Other perks

AEON BiG Visa Gold Card

5% at AEON BiG

Capped at RM100 per month


(Waived for the first year. Consecutive year's fee is waived with 12 swipes annually)

AEON stores

Cashback at All petrol stations, complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge and up to RM200,000 travel insurance coverage

RHB Cash Back Visa Credit Card


Capped at RM10 per month

RM2,500 and above


Giant, Hero Hypermarket, Jaya Grocer, Lotus's, Mercato Centrale

Cashback at all petrol stations, 0% for up to 36 months instalment plans

Standard Chartered Simply Cash Credit Card


Capped at RM60 per month

RM2,500 and above

RM 250
(waived in the first year, subsequent years waived with minimum spend of RM12,000)

AEON, AEON BIG, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Cold Storage, ECONSAVE, Everrise, Giant, Jaya Grocer, and more

Cashback on petrol, e-wallet and dining

Maybank Visa Signature


Capped at RM88


RM 550

(Waived in the first year, subsequent years waived with minimum spend of RM 30,000)

Jaya Grocer, Lotus, Mydin, NSK 

Earn TreatsPoints on selected spending and convert it to cash, up to RM2million travel insurance coverage 

Hong Leong WISE Gold Card

1% on weekdays

8% on weekends

Capped at RM15



AEON Stores, Ben’s Grocer, Cold Storage,
Econsave Cash & Carry

Cashback at all petrol stations, dining and online spend. 


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Criteria for Choosing a Groceries Cashback Credit Card

To determine which credit card is better based on cashback rates for grocery spending, follow these steps:

  • Identify Your Grocery Spending

Determine your typical monthly or yearly grocery expenses. This will serve as the basis for your cashback calculations.

  • Do the Math

Calculate the cashback you would earn with each card based on your estimated grocery spending. Multiply the cashback rate by your grocery expenses to find out how much cashback you can expect to earn. For example, if you spend RM500 on groceries and the card offers 5% cashback, you would earn RM25 in cashback for that spending.

  • Consider Any Caps or Limits

Be aware of any cashback caps or limits imposed by the cards. Some cards may limit the amount of cashback you can earn in a month or during a specific period. Take this into account when calculating your potential earnings.

  • Factor in Annual Fees

Consider any annual fees associated with the cards. Subtract these fees from your calculated cashback earnings to determine your net cashback. If the card offers high cashback but has a substantial annual fee, it may not be as advantageous as a card with slightly lower cashback and no annual fee.

  • Review Other Benefits

Beyond cashback rates, evaluate the additional benefits offered by the cards, such as discounts, rewards, and insurance coverage. These can enhance the overall value of the card.

  • Consider Your Overall Spending

Think about your spending habits beyond just groceries. Some cards offer cashback for various categories like dining, utilities, and entertainment. If you spend in these categories too, a card with a broader cashback program might be a better choice.

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