Everything You Need to Know About Filing Your Income Tax [INFOGRAPHIC] 

CompareHero.my Team

CompareHero.my Team

Last updated 02 April, 2019


It’s tax season yet again! Chances are that right at this very moment, tons of people are in a mad dash to fill out their paperwork and wrestle with fuzzy math as they complete their annual obligation to the government.

If you count yourself as part of this addled throng, have no fear! CompareHero has put together this handy guide that goes over the broad strokes of getting your taxes done on time. We also point out some cool tidbits you can use to bring down your payments and stretch your spending power just a little longer.

If you’re anxious about getting caught in the crowds of people paying their taxes at the last minute, there’s some good news. If you own a credit card, you can opt to pay your income tax by charging it to your card instead. You may also pay your taxes through ATM or over the counter at your local bank if it’s possible.

Once you’ve finished filing your income tax return for the year, you can now move on to other pressing concerns like saving more money for the future. Use CompareHero’s online comparison tool to find the best bargains on pocket-friendly credit cards, personal loans, and more financial products.

Check out the awesome infographic below, Quick Guide to Filing Your 2017 Income Tax:

income tax

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