5 things to do before you balik kampung

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee

Last updated 25 April, 2022

It’s balik kampung season, folks!

Now that interstate travelling is being commonly practised again, make this Raya a special one by finally reuniting with your loved ones. After all, the festive season calls for a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle at work, glorious dinner spreads, trendy baju raya, and uncontrollable laughter!

Before you make plans to balik kampung, make sure to follow 5 of our pre-travel tips!

1. Make sure your car is insured

Before making that trip down to your hometown, why not make the drive a safer one? Make sure that you and your car are sufficiently covered against any unforeseen circumstances. Many only come to find out that their car insurance isn't up-to-date when it's too late, so before you leave to go on your trip, remember to check that your car is protected against collisions, natural disasters, or even theft.

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During a season where money is spent more than it’s saved, try your luck with this quick and easy game! Read the terms and conditions here.

2. Service your car

That being said, make sure to service your car before you balik kampung. You won't be able to utilize your new, loaded Touch n' Go eWallet if you're stranded on the road!

Before you make your trip, be sure to visit your trusty car mechanic and have them check out your car's:
1. Tyres
2. Brakes
3. Air-conditioning
4. Lights
5. Hoses, belts, and wipers
6. Battery
7. Fluids
8. Spark plug wires

3. Notify your neighbour that you'll be away

Got plants, a faulty lock, or a new parcel coming? Let your neighbour know that you'll be away, so that they can keep an eye out for any unusual activities. With the chaos of planning your Raya trip, you might forget to throw old groceries out from the refrigerator or close your windows, so it's always beneficial to pass them a set of keys just in case! After all, you'll never know when an electrical circuit might trip.

4. Get snacks for the long drive ahead

Imagine sitting in the car for hours without anything to munch on - talk about being hangry! Now, imagine sitting in the car with snacks laid out for you and your family. Wouldn't the ride just be so much better?

If you've not prepped your snacks, fret not! Just drop by to the nearest gas station and stock up on snacks, bottled water and even ice cream! However, we would suggest that you pick these up before approaching the highway. Gas stations are usually packed during peak season, so you definitely would not want to spend a long time waiting in queue!

5. Do some spring cleaning

Nobody likes coming home to a messy house! Before you leave, take a couple of hours to clean your house and wipe all the surfaces down, especially stains that have been left uncleaned. That will make sure that you won't to come home to a spoilt cabinet or a hefty cleaning bill.

Don't forget to take out your trash as well! You wouldn't want any food waste to attract stay animals or bugs into your house.

Further, making your bed before you go would make coming back to it that much better!

Do you have any other tips for those travelling to their hometown this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

Don't forget to find out more about AXA's Balik Kampung Campaign here!

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