5 employee benefits to look out for in your next job

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee

Last updated 20 July, 2022

We've seen and heard our parents' advice - work hard and get a high paying job. But what else is there?

Over my career, I've learnt that a good life doesn't always come with a high paying job. After all, you could be making loads of money while struggling mentally due to your job.

There are perks out there that hold monetary value and could significantly improve your quality of life. Although these benefits weren't being paid attention to as much as the salary, many are now realising just how important it is to protect their wellbeing as an adult. Let's take a look at perks you should watch out for before accepting a new job!

Flexible working arrangements

These days, the traditional 9 to 5 (or in Malaysia's case, 9 to 6) in the office just isn't the most productive way to work anymore. Not only are they expensive, long commutes can add to your stress and exhaustion, impairing your quality of work. Working long hours at the office can also make it difficult for you to enjoy life outside of work.

That being said, do make sure to look out for companies that offer their employees flexible working hours as long as they get their tasks done in time. This not only gives you more control over your work and time, it could also give you that boost of motivation you've been needing.

Some companies also offer the option for its employees to work remotely or in a hybrid setting, so if you're looking to work in bed or even while you're travelling, start keeping an eye out for this!

Extra annual leaves

I've noticed that more and more companies are starting to give out unlimited annual leaves to their employees. This shows that the company trusts its employees enough to manage their time and deadlines, making it possible for them to take days off for mental health reasons or extra vacations. What a dream!

Extra annual leaves also make it possible for you to take days off when needed, instead of saving it all up for one vacation at the end of the year, which realistically, just isn't the most sustainable way to live your life. This is because ultimately, getting more days off would prevent burn out, allowing you to be much happier as a person.

Insurance and what it covers

Typically, most job offers would include some form of health coverage. Therefore, if you have specific medical needs e.g. physical therapy, do check if they're covered by the company's insurance plan.

Some health plans also cover various other perks, like maternity, dental, optical, and even dermatological benefits. Furthermore, some robust coverage plans also cover surgical and preventative care. Therefore, don't hold back from asking about the deductibles, maximums, co-pays, and more. Having a great coverage plan is important for rainy days, especially since it saves you from the high cost of medical bills.

Claim and reimbursements

Hefty parking bill at the office building? Lots of travelling required? Be sure to find out if these expenses will be reimbursed to you before joining the company! A high salary could easily turn into a much lower one once you've paid your bills.

Some employers offer reimbursements for professional training courses and even education continuation, so if that's something you're looking to do, check if the company you're applying to could possibly help you out with it.

Stock options

While the option to buy shares of the company at a discounted price is traditionally only offered to C-suites, many startups have started to include stock options to its employees' benefits. Thus, if you foresee a company doing well in the future, don't miss out on the stock options offered! It could be more than rewarding in the long run.

There you have it! Now that you're aware of these perks, you can start making better decisions when picking your new job. You've got this!

With creative wit and an immense passion for writing in her back pocket, Rachel Lee creates impactful content about finance, lifestyle, and more.


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