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Last updated 17 September, 2015

Since the past decade, the Internet has undertaken a role in our daily lives which promises convenience, ease, and boundless knowledge. Distances between loved ones and prospective international business partners are kept short with a video call; ten lengthy volumes worth of scholastic knowledge can be downloaded within seconds, and finding that hidden café at “the corner of the street behind one of those old, abandoned blocks” will never be a challenge again.

Malaysians love the Internet, so much so that we find it difficult to go past a day without it. We need access to Facebook – what else could we do when we are stuck in massive traffic jams or in queues? We need access to Whatsapp and WeChat – otherwise how do we keep ourselves occupied when we are bored out of our wits? We need access to news and gossip sites – how else could we keep ourselves updated? We need to shop online – it’s just simply pleasurable.

If the few GBs of data that comes with your SIM card are inadequate, maybe it’s time you start looking for the best broadband plan in Malaysia. To choose the perfect broadband plan, take into consideration the following question:

Which kind of broadband user am I?

Broadband plans come with different packages, prices and perks for a reason. See which type of user you are to know better the kind of broadband which suits you the best:


1. Broadband for beginners:

You will be using broadband for the first time and you cannot estimate the capacity of your usage. You know that you would need to download some clips and do some uploading once in a while, but do not have a clue on how many GB that will amount to.

Solution: Entry-level broadband

Usually the cheapest with the lowest data allocation, this plan is highly suitable for users who are seeking for basic internet without having to pay through the nose. Also good for those who want to avoid having a hefty amount of unconsumed data by the end of the month.

Recommended by P1 ToGo 59 (UH 235 or UT 235 USB Modem)

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2. Broadband for movie buffs and gamers:

You spend most of your evenings at home, streaming the entire series of your favorite TV show and playing your favorite online game. When you are not at home, you keep your laptop running to download movies and music just so you could watch and listen to them later.

Sounds familiar? Then congratulation: You are a serial broadband user.

Solution: Fibre optic broadband/Broadband with unlimited data

Dubbed the future of all broadband, the fibre optic broadband is capable of delivering a significantly faster download speed. Having an unlimited download limit is also important in order for you to enjoy unrestricted streaming and downloads. It also helps you to avoid being charged for exceeding the allowance.

Recommended by TIME Fibre Unlimited Home Broadband 10Mbps

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3. Broadband for families:

The internet usage will be considerably high in view of the number of people in the household (usually more than three per family). This means that the broadband must be able to cope with the strain caused by the simultaneous usage of several people who might also happen to own several electronic gadgets.

Solution: High-speed broadband/ Broadband with unlimited data

The usage volume in a household is typically high, so it’s best and the safest to go with a broadband plan that offers unlimited data and a faster download speed. The latter is important as it ensures that even when six different devices are being connected at the same time, the connection remains seamless and fast.

Recommended by Maxis Fibre Internet 10 Mbps

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4. Broadband for those on the move:

Find yourself going on interstate travels more frequently than anticipated? Have a schedule so crazy that you are not even sure if you will be home or in a different city the next day? You’d need something that you can bring along on your journeys.

Solution: Mobile broadband

The useful mobile broadband is not only an ease to bring around and could allow internet access both at home or on the move, it could also connect to laptops, tablets, or any other form of portable electronic devices.

Recommended by Maxis Wireless Broadband Regular Streamer

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Choosing the best broadband plan in Malaysia can be tricky, which is why has come up with the necessary comparison tools to assist you through the process. Compare the best broadband plans in Malaysia now and click Apply when you have made your pick!

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