Written by Diana Lee.

Having Internet access is crucial regardless of travelling for work or for leisure. From communicating with business counterparts to updating your ‘gram, having access to the Internet contributes to a great travel experience. 

It’s also crucial to have a good connection. Without high speed Internet , you won’t be able to do basic things like downloading images in email, loading Google Maps, browsing social media, search for food recommendations, and many more activities at the touch of your fingertips.

So, how can you be sure you have the best and fastest Internet connection while travelling abroad? Fret not, there are plenty of ways to gain access:

Traveler’s sim card/roaming rates from existing telco service provider.

Pros: Easiest option because you only need to call your telco service provider to activate. 

Cons: Expensive roaming rates.

Public WiFi

Pros: Doesn’t cost a cent but readily available. 

Cons: Not safe because there could be hackers, and you would be disconnected when moving from one place to another.

Pocket WiFi

Pros: Huge data allowances with lightning fast speed (usually 4G) for a small price. 

Pros: Can connect up to numerous devices at a time. 

Pros: Secure and private network.

Cons: Carry around a small physical device.

Among the three options, the best would be travelling with a Pocket WiFi because the pros heavily outweigh the cons (which actually is not a problem, considering the small device can be fitted even into your skinny jeans). 

Since Pocket WiFi is the best option, we did a comparison between 4 popular brands to see which has the best offer in Malaysia. We also understand that pricing and features vary from destinations, therefore we selected one of the most popular holiday spots among Malaysians to compare: JAPAN. 

WIYO is a Hong Kong based brand that provides portable Internet abroad including Indonesia, New Zealand, Korea, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, Europe and of course, Japan. For the purpose of this article, we’ve compiled specific details pertaining to Japan below. 

Price   RM11/day for unlimited data (Japan)
 How to rent
Online via http://www.wiyo.my 
 Collection point
Yes. RM20 per way, 1 day before your departure date.  
 What's included
Device pouch, TravelWiFi, Travel Adapter, Charging Cable.
 Shared Devices 5 to 10
 Battery Life 8 to 10 hours
 Late Return Fee Late penalty equivalent to "rental day rate x 1.5 times" will be charged per each late day, 6%GST applies.
 Cancellation Fee 

After a payment is made, a customer may cancel anytime, with the following cancellation fees applied:

  • Cancel more than 7 days prior to departure, a 30% administration fee will be deducted from the total rental fee, remaining balance will be refunded to the customer.

  • Cancel within 7 days prior to departure, a 50% administration fee will be deducted from the total rental fee, remaining balance will be refunded to the customer.

  • Cancel after the rental device has been picked-up or couriered-out, only security deposit will be returned to the customer.

 Add Ons Powerbank: RM4/day
 Insurance Not available

Accidental Loss 

& Damage


Deposit will be deducted: 

  • Wifi device: RM500 

  • Power bank: RM80 

  • USB cable: RM15

  • Pouch: RM20 

  • Adapter: RM30

*T&C applies

Roaming Man

Roaming Man differs from the rest in the list as it offers single country wifi packages as well as a combination of wifi packages for those who are country hopping — for both South East Asia and North East Asia countries. Since we’re only focusing on Japan, we’ve summarized details per below. 

Price   RM12/day for unlimited data* (Japan)
 How to rent
Online via https://www.roamingman.my/
 Collection point

Yes. Only applicable in Johor and Penang. 

Normal Delivery: RM13 two ways.

Ongoing promo: Free delivery for the first 1,000 customers. 
 What's included

Device pouch, Travel WiFi, USB Cable.

Adapter not provided. 
4G for 5GB data, and 384kbps at unlimited 3G speed
 Shared Devices 5
 Battery LifeUp to 12 hours 
 Late Return Fee
  • A charge of RM 10/ day is applicable for early device pick up which refer to 2 days earlier from the wifi activation date.
  • Late charge for self-pick up start from the 3rd day of wifi usage end date at a rate of RM 20 per day.
Late charge for delivery service start from the 6th day of wifi usage end date at a rate of RM 20 per day.
 Cancellation Fee 

RM30. Cancellation fee will be charged for order which is cancelled less than 10 days from the travelling date.

 Add OnsPowerbank: RM6/day


  • Screen of device seriously scratched, and/or charging port blocked/damaged but equipment remains functional.


Accidental Loss 

& Damage


Wifi Hotspot


If equipment is lost, stolen or severely damaged/water damage

Wifi Hotspot


Equipment severely damaged but still functional 

Wifi Hotspot


Screen or equipment be manually seriously scratched

USB cable


Including missing or damaged USB  cable 



Including missing or damaged pouch 


*T&C applies

Samurai WiFi

Samurai WiFi is one of the more popular choices when it comes to travelling to Japan. One of the features that stood out was the 24 hours technical assistance provided to help users anytime of the day. 

Price   RM18/day for unlimited data (Japan)
 How to rent
Online via https://www.samuraiwifi.com.my/
 Collection point
KLIA, MidValley or their office (Solaris). 


RM10 for Klang Valley area.

RM20 for outside of Klang Valley.

Delivery requires 3 days.

 What's included

Pocket Wifi, Adapter, USB Cable, Pouch

4G. Up to 187.5Mbps.
 Shared Devices 5 to 10 people
 Battery Life6 hours
 Late Return Fee
If late return the device after the return date which mentioned above, we will charge the price multiply 1.5 than normal price/day
 Cancellation Fee

If the cancellation is done after we shipped the item to your address, we will only charge RM80 as the cancellation fee.

 Add OnsPowerbank: RM4/day



Accidental Loss 

& Damage

Device: RM600 

Pouch: RM50 

Adapter: RM25

Power Bank: RM200

Travel Recommends

Last but not least, is a cult favourite among travellers: Travel Recommends. This brand is highly recommended by travel bloggers and influencers. 

Here’s why: 

  • It offers the ease of connectivity through overseas WiFi router rental and also overseas prepaid SIM cards
  • It has the lowest rates for portable WiFi.

Price   RM10/day for unlimited data (Japan)
 How to rent
Online via https://www.travelrecommends.com/my/
 Collection point
KLIA2, Penang Airport, Johor Bahru City Counter, Sabah City Counter

Yes (Free nationwide delivery)

 What's included

Device pouch, TravelWiFi, Travel Adapter, Charging Cable

 Shared Devices 6
 Battery Life6 to 8 hours
 Late Return Fee
A late fee of RM30 per day will be imposed from the second day of the indicated return date of the rental period. This means user would have one day’s grace period to return the TravelWiFi kit from the indicated return date. 
 Cancellation Fee


 Add OnsPowerbank: RM6/day

RM30/device (Covers you for accidental loss or damage of items)


Accidental Loss 

& Damage

If no insurance purchased:

  • Wifi router and SIM card: RM600 

  • Power bank: RM80 

  • Pouch: RM50 

  • Adapter: RM50

  • Other accessories (e.g. cables): RM25

The best way to find out if a plan is suitable, is to try it out for yourself! Here’s the perfect deal made for you: 

Get 3 days worth of Travel Recommends WiFi for FREE* when you buy Allianz travel insurance through us

First 100 customers will get a Barry Smith Travel Pillow
(minimum purchase of 4 days travel WiFi)

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