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MAS: Foreign Visitors Must Buy Travel and Covid-19 Insurance

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee

Last updated 31 March, 2022

Yesterday (March 30), Malaysia Airlines Bhd announced its welcome of the reopening of Malaysia’s travel borders on Friday (April 1) and the latest travel procedures that incoming foreign travellers must comply with. These include buying travel and Covid-19 insurance with a minimum value of US$20,000 (about RM84,060).

In the airline’s statement, Malaysia Airlines state that all foreign travellers visiting Malaysia must fulfil all Covid-19 related protocols set by Malaysian authorities, and that the latest protocols come before the country’s plans to lift the temporary ban on visitors from 18 high-risk countries. The latest protocols will also supersede the existing requirement for incoming travellers to wear digital tracking devices.

"Travellers to Malaysia must fulfil the following general protocols by the Malaysian authorities:

"Before departure to Malaysia, download and update the MySejahtera mobile app [and] complete the pre-departure form via the 'Traveller' icon.

"Foreign travellers are required to purchase travel and Covid-19 insurance with a minimum value of US$20,000. Fully vaccinated travellers will be issued a 'Digital Traveller’s Card' and it will be reflected on their MySejahtera app,” Malaysia Airlines said.

The airline also said that all partially or unvaccinated travellers will be issued a digital Home Surveillance Order (HSO), which will be reflected on their MySejahtera app.

However, foreign visitors who do not have a traveller card display or HSO instructions on their MySejahtera app will not be allowed to continue their travels, according to Malaysia Airlines.

"Travellers aged seven years and above must take [the] polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test two days before departure to Malaysia and upload the results on MySejahtera. Exceptions are given to travellers aged six years and below (based on year of birth) [and they] are not required to take the PCR test.

"Post Covid-19 patients with infection between six [and] 60 days before departure must undergo a professional RTK-Antigen test two days before departure,” Malaysia Airlines stated.

According to the airline, travellers aged seven years and above are required to take a professionally administered Covid-19 RTK-Antigen test within 24 hours upon arrival in Malaysia, either at a private health facility or clinics approved by the Ministry of Health.

"The RTK-Antigen test results will be displayed on MySejahtera,” Malaysia Airlines said.

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