5 ways Alliance Bank’s new virtual credit card is changing the game!

CompareHero.my Team

CompareHero.my Team

Last updated 17 March, 2022

Just a month ago, Alliance Bank partnered with MCash to launch Malaysia’s first ever virtual credit card. In line with the bank’s ‘Bank In Your Pocket’ proposition, the Alliance Bank Visa Platinum virtual credit card is said to have brought new heights to convenient banking; delivering fast, secure services while staying ESG friendly.

If you’ve been out of the loop and you’re only finding out about this innovative must-have for the first time, here are 5 interesting facts about it.

1. The benefits are through the roof

Are you an online shopper or in love with the convenience that comes with eWallets? Alliance Bank and MCash totally get that! Enjoy 8x Timeless Bonus Points (TBP) for every ringgit you spend with the Visa Platinum virtual credit card on online purchases or eWallet top-ups! These TBP can be used to redeem exciting gifts.

With all the stores and restaurants that accept payment via eWallets, you’ll be earning all the TBP you could ever want! Oh, have we mentioned that these points do not have an expiry date?

2. You can earn points for making overseas transactions

Whether you fancy shopping overseas or sending funds to your loved ones, Alliance Bank and MCash have got you covered! Receive 3x Timeless Bonus Points for each RM1 spent whenever you make overseas transactions.

3. You’ll even be earning points on regular transactions

Not a fan of online shopping, using eWallets, or making overseas transactions? That’s okay, you’ll still be able to reap the benefits of the virtual credit card! Enjoy 1x TBP for each ringgit you spend on all other transactions that you make.

4. You can apply for the card via the MCash mobile app

Now available on Google Play and Apple App Store, the MCash mobile app allows customers to apply for the Alliance Bank Visa Platinum virtual credit card. As part of the application process, customers will only be required to upload a copy of their financial documents, such as EPF statements and salary slips. Once the application is approved, the applicants will be notified via a push notification.

The virtual credit card also doesn’t come with an annual fee. Yes, you’ve heard that right, the virtual card is free for life!

5. You can make payments with the touch of a button

With an aim to address the evolving payment needs of their customers, Alliance Bank and MCash have made it possible for the customers to enjoy cardless in-store payments via PayNetQR. Hence, customers with the new virtual credit card will be able to make secure, one-click in-app payments whenever, wherever!

What’s more, customers will also get the chance to make bill payments conveniently via JomPay & PayNet. Wave goodbye to the ever so frustrating process of paying your bills every month and say hello to the most seamless digital payment experience around!

And that’s all we’ve got for you, folks! These are the 5 benefits of getting Alliance Bank’s Visa Platinum virtual credit card. What are your thoughts? Are you excited to get your hands on one or are you skeptical about it? Let us know!

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