Arigato Your Money - The Japanese Secret To A Wealthier You

Dharshaini Grace

Dharshaini Grace

Last updated 28 July, 2022

Most of us have a hard time letting our money go, but perhaps making peace with our money will actually help us to gain more! Introducing the ‘Arigato Money Technique’ by Ken Honda. 

Think of Ken Honda as the Marie Kondo in the financial world. Starting his own company at the age of 21, he’s now one of Japan’s biggest writer! One of his projects included interviewing 12,000 millionaires in Japan, which lead him to learn about the ‘Arigato Money’ technique from Wahei Takeda, a Japanese billionaire who’s often known as the Warren Buffet of Japan. 

Ken Honda & Wahei Takeda (source: Ken Honda)

What is the secret to wealth? Arigato your MONEY! 

Arigato is a Japanese term for ‘thank you’, hence it’s as simple as saying thank you for the abundance of money that you receive or spend. In his book Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money, Ken Honda describes how money and water share the same similarities. 

Why does this make you wealthier? 

“Whatever happens, you can say thank you. Thank you are two most powerful words that will help you to start to transform your relationship with money.”

Ken Honda

Because money is something that we receive and spend throughout our lives, this Japanese technique provides a ‘zen’ perspective to our monetary activities - how the inflow and outflow of cash as a necessary circulation. Be present in the moment and refrain from having negative thoughts about the future. Of course, you should still save money but you wouldn’t have to be frugal as this method allows you to spend money on things that you actually care about. Hence, keeping in mind that mindful spending of money is just as appreciated as earning money. 

So, arigato in, arigato out! 

Ken Honda (Source: Ken Honda)

Does your money bring you joy?

According to Ken Honda, the flow of money in people’s lives can be categorized into 2 groups; happy money and unhappy money. 

Happy money is when you use to buy a product or service that you truly enjoy. For example, buying flowers for your mother is happy money. Whenever you purchase a product or service that you love and enjoy, you send happy money out into the universe! 

Unhappy money happens when you spend without realizing the value of the goods or services. Hence sending unhappiness into the world. For example, money from a job that you dislike but have to do to make ends meet. 

How do you arigato your money? 

It’s really easy to do. So when you receive money, focus on accepting with love and gratitude no matter how big or small the amount is. Do exactly the same thing when you spend money. When you spend money, spend it with an open heart and gratefulness. Honda believes, “Money appreciates if you appreciate it”.

The appreciation for the outflow and inflow of money is as simple as saying “thank you” - say it within your heart or even out loud! 

Start arigato-ing your money today and eliminate your stress as well as anxiety around money. Remember, even if you have a lot of money, you might still have that jealousy and poor feelings if you’re unhappy with your finances and life. 


1. Who is Ken Honda?

Ken Honda also known as the “Zen Millionaire” in Japan is the bestselling author of “Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace With Your Money” which has surpassed eight million copies since 2001 on book sales. 

2. How did Ken Honda make his money?

He owns and manages several businesses, including an accounting company, a management consulting firm, and a venture capital corporation. But he’s also a self-development writer, who writes about the Japanese art of making peace with your personal finances.

3. What is the Arigato money technique?

The Arigato money technique is an act of appreciation of you showing gratitude to money coming in and to money going out. Arigato in, arigato out. The appreciation for the outflow and inflow of money is as simple as saying “thank you”. 

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