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Last updated 20 January, 2024

For 2024, Chinese New Year falls on February 10th, which is a Saturday. This is an auspicious season, with many looking forward to a break and spending time with their loved ones. 

It's also a time when many people observe traditional practices and beliefs, most of which are meant to ensure a good year, with ample prosperity and wealth

One of this practices is to deposit money into one's bank account on Li Chun 立春. This day marks the beginning of spring, and the act of introducing money into one's savings is believed to usher in even more wealth.


The practice of depositing money into one's bank account during Li Chun is believed to have originated from the time the very first banks began to appear in China, back in the 19th century.

It was once common to see long lines at the banks during Li Chun. However, these days, depositing can be done with the help of technology, making it all the more convenient.

What is Li Chun 立春 ? 

Li Chun; Li means beginning and Chun means springtime, hence this day marks the start of spring in the lunar calendar. Li Chun 2024 begins on February 4th and ends on February 19th.

In many Asian countries, including Malaysia, there's a quaint little practice where people try to balance an egg vertically on its base.

The alignment of celestial bodies on the first day of spring is believed to affect the pull of gravity, although there isn't much scientific studies to support this theory. It has, however, become a fun tradition to carry out.

This year's Li Chun is going to happen just before Chinese New Year, so you'd be busy preparing for the celebrations too. Why not check out some credit cards that can help you save on your festive spending?



Auspicious Times to Deposit Money on Li Chun 

Every year, each Chinese Zodiac will have its own auspicious time throughout Li Chun day. It is believed that depositing money into your bank account according to your Chinese zodiac’s auspicious time will make your finance prosperous and help you earn a stable income for the rest of the year! 

Here are Li Chun's best time to deposit money according to your Zodiac sign: 

Li Chun Days 

Auspicious Times

Lucky Zodiacs

4th February 2024
5pm -7pm Zodiac OxZodiac DragonZodiac snake
9pm -11pm Zodiac TigerZodiac RabbitZodiac Goat
11pm - 1am (5th Feb) Zodiac OxZodiac Dragon-1Zodiac monkey
5th February 2024
3am - 5am Zodiac HorseZodiac dogZodiac Pig
5am - 7am Zodiac GoatZodiac dogZodiac Pig
7am - 9am Zodiac mouseZodiac monkeyZodiac rooster
11am - 1pm All zodiacs except Ox, Snake, Monkey & Rooster
1pm - 3pm Zodiac Dragon-1Zodiac HorseZodiac Pig


The Most Auspicious Time Slot

The most auspicious time to bank in money 2024 falls on February 5th between 11am to 1pm. This auspicious times to bank in money applies to all the zodiacs, except those born in the year of the Ox, Snake, Monkey and Rooster

If you fall under any of these four zodiacs, you can consider these other time slots which is considered the best for you:

Ox : 4th Feb, 5pm-7pm; 11pm-1am (the next day)

Snake: 4th Feb, 5pm-7pm

Monkey: 4th Feb, 11pm-1am (the next day); 5th Feb ,7am -9am

Rooster: 5th Feb, 7am -9am


Inauspicious Hours to Avoid

Just as there are auspicious time slots on Li Chun 2024 to deposit money, there are also slots that are considered unlucky. If you deposit money during these time slots, your fortune for the year may be affected. 

These inauspicious hours involve all the zodiacs. So no matter which zodiac animal you were born under, avoid depositing money during these periods:

  • 4th February, 7pm-9pm
  • 5th February, 1am-3am
  • 5th February, 9am-11am

How Can I Deposit the Money? 

Traditionally, the process of depositing money into one's account during Li Chun was done via ATM cash deposit machines or over the bank counter. 

Today, there are plenty of ways for you to make a deposit, as opposed to depositing money only via the ATM only. We realize that making a trip to the nearest ATM may be a hassle.

Some of the auspicious time slots happen late at night or in the wee hours of the morning, making ATM deposits near impossible, not to mention unsafe. Furthermore, you may not be able to afford the time due to being busy with work or other commitments.

The most obvious method of course is to employ online banking, using your bank's app or website. You can also take out money from your e-Wallet and transfer them into your savings account. 

Don’t Forget to Add to Your Luck! 

It’s also said that you can reel in better prosperity by wearing clothes in your auspicious colour when you make your deposits. These colours differ from one zodiac to another, so if possible, take note of your unique lucky colour for 2024.

In addition to your lucky colour, there are also lucky amounts to deposit for each zodiac, and here they are:


Auspicious Colour(s)

Lucky Amount (RM)


Zodiac mouse




Zodiac Ox




Zodiac Tiger

Blue, Gray



Zodiac Rabbit

Yellow, Green



Zodiac Dragon-1




Zodiac snake




Zodiac Horse




Zodiac Goat

Orange, Purple



Zodiac monkey




Zodiac rooster

Black, Red



Zodiac dog

Blue, Yellow



Zodiac Pig

Blue, Grey



In Conclusion

While traditional Li Chun practices are something you can follow, don't forget that one of the traditions of Lunar New Year is to settle any debts you can before the lunar calendar starts. 

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With that, we wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2024.

May you achieve all your personal and financial goals this year!



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